Saturday, October 24, 2009

Nitewalk at Lambir Hills National Park 17th October

Ever since MNS Miri members went on their first nitewalk way back in 1998 with Dr Rhett Harrison (not sure whether he was already a doctor then or not), we have kept this aspect of our outing alive come rain or shine, full moon or not.

Many have gone with use trudging thru the damp forest, sometimes in drizzles characteristic of the namesake rainforest. Children as young as six and members well over sixty; parents, teachers, inquisitive youngsters have enjoyed the wonder of seeing the creepy crawlies on the main trail of Lambir.

It can't be compared to Singapore Zoo Nite Safari of course but the charm of Lambir Hill Nitewalk lies with the little critters that makes Lambir Hills their's home. Our big animal sightings so far have only been restricted to monkeys, tarsiers, and giant squirels. We are still praying hard for an encounter with the resident clouded leopard or sunbear.

Our most exciting and favorite must have been the snakes and tarantulas. A few close encounters with the crawling kind have made some members addict to the nitewalk.

It's not just the off-chance sighting that draws people to a nitewalk. The serenity of the rainforest after sunset, the ruckus or lack of it mixed with the damp darkness creates a feeling of mysterious calm about such places. It helps that you are well familiar with the place by day, seeing it at night just further adds to the affinity to the trails.

This nite we didn't see many of the usual big players on the trails other than some oversize snails, frogs, ants, numerous stick insects, and a beautiful gecko. Our resident tarantula seemed to have gone AWOL.

The nite's tally:

Keep a lookout for our Nitewalks in Lambir, we've gone in with a minimum of five people. In a way smaller numbers are easier to manage, it increases the chances of seeing more critters along the way too.

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