Monday, October 26, 2009

MNS Miri Nature Education Day Camp 07th November

Come and join the the MNS Miri in its Educational Camp at Lambir National Park where you will learn more about Lambir's famed flora and fauna.

Topics to be covered includes insects, fungi, trees, leaves and seeds. Participants will enjoy a mini explore-race which would be held in the afternoon. It's a treasure hunt incorporating vital learnings about nature.

There will also be talks by Lambir Hills NP PIC regarding Lambir National Park and it's history, and special treasures.

After a long absence from Nature Education Camp activities, we are getting back into the program aimed at raising awareness about our surroundings and priceless natural heritage.

Program details as follows:

Date: Saturday, 7th November 2009
Venue: Lambir Hills National Park
Person-in-charge: Amer & Grace
Cost of camp : RM 50 Non Members and RM40 Members inclusive of transport, modules, materials, food and park entrance fee.

We have places for 30 students, places are limited so please book your spot early.

Camp Itinerary:
7.00 am: Arrival of participants at the meeting point in Pustaka for transport to Lambir
7.30 am: Arrival of all facilitators for preparation and briefing
8.00 am: Arrival participants at Lambir NP and registration
8.15 am: Gather at the NP hall, safety briefing, programme briefing
8.30 am: Ice-breaking session
8.45 am: Break into working groups and start of Nature Education modules
9.00 am: Walk on the trail
10.30 am: Gather back at the hall and brunch
10.45 am: Gather all finding and prepare a presentation
11.15 am: Presentation (10mins each group)
12.15 am: Lunch
1.30 pm: Introduction to Lambir NP (Presentation by Lambir PIC)
2.00 pm: Nature Xplore Hunt
3.30 pm: Tea break,
3.45 pm: Present findings to rest of group
4.05 pm: Prize and certificate giving ceremony
4.30 pm: Program ends
5.00 pm: Transport back to Pustaka Miri

Participation is open to all, members and non-members alike.

Please contact Amer (012-6259121/085-454711) or Grace (085-452585) for further details.

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