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MNS Firefly Survey in Kuching 5-6th December 2009

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MNS is currently compiling a directory on congregation firefly zones (CFZ) of the mangrove rivers in Malaysia.
Sonny Wong, MNS Senior Conservation Officer, have started work in Peninsula, and have recently covered Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, South Terengganu, Pahang and Johor West.

Although the project will end in January with a draft CFZ directory, the compilation continues and will be updated regularly. As all the mangrove rivers are being threaten at a quicker rate, this project will not just end in January.

With Malaysia having at least 7 species of congregating fireflies in the mangrove rivers, MNS would like to mobilise the Branches help in carrying on updating, monitoring and lobbying for the State Government to conserve the firefly and mangroves habitat.

Rebecca D'Cruz, MNS Kuching Chairperson has suggested to bring the firefly survey course over to Kuching for the benefit fo Miri and Sabah branches. This will facilitate sharing of experiences with the members and conduct one day and night rapid assessment of significant firefly rivers in Sabah and Sarawak.

There will be discussions on the design of a more suitable forms to involve local communities (for river monitoring and even firefly watching tourism). This is expected to be used by the Branches once local community involvement is initiated.

Together with MNS Kuching Branch, MNS will be organising a small workshop on how to survey and monitor firefly rivers.

All 3 East Malaysia Branch members, UNIMAS and UMS are invited to participate in this program. We expect the branch representative will continue working with local community to monitore fireflies in their respective locations.

UNIMAS or UMS students are expected to help in the effort of documentation and monitoring of Congregating Firefly Zone.

Places are limited to the number of passengers in one 10 man boat or two boats depending on the budget and level of interest.

However, due to the small project budget, participants will have to bear their own expenses.

Tentative Programme
December 5-7th in Kuching, assuming a fine weather.

Dec 5: Arrival
3pm : firefly survey project sessions (what, why, how and when) and discussions
5.30pm : field sessions (boat provided)
9pm : search for firefly larva

Dec 6:
4.30 pm: discussions about last night sessions and sharing sessions
5.30pm: Field sessions (boat provided)
9pm: end with discussions

Dec 7: home

Please let us know your interest to participate in this program by emailing before 21 October 2009.

It's not only about fireflies, it's about conserving our entire riverine mangrove ecosystem.

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