Join MNS

MNS is a membership based organisation run by the Secretariat, and governend by an elected Board of Trustees and Council. MNS is an avenue where the Malaysian public has the opportunity to be part of a national effort in adding their voice towards the conservation of Malaysia's natural heritage.

Your membership gives MNS a stronger voice, representing civil societies, when we bring forth conservation issues to decisions and policy-makers towards ensuring sustainale development of the nation. MNS' membership also comes with attractive perks such as trips, courses, discounts and activities, giving you the opportunity to interact with like-minded individuals.
For less than 0.20 cents a day, your membership will support the following:
Habitat Protection and Conservation
numerous protected areas have been established in Malaysia by MNS supported by its membership.

Environmental Education for Children
there are close to 10,000 school children engaged with the MNS School Nature Clubs throughout the country.

Grassroots Community Capacity Building
MNS works closely with urban and rural communities on capacity building in habitat protection.

Creation of New Nature Parks
MNS has been the reason for the creation of many National and State Parks and Community Nature Parks.

Campaigns and Lobbying for Habitat Protection
currently the Sungai Buloh Forest Reserve and the Belum Temengor forest complex is being lobbied for protection and gazettment.

Benefits for you:
Organized nature activities such as jungle trekking, bird watching, diving, nature guiding and photography.

Receive the Malaysian Naturalist, a quarterly magazine highlighting the wonders of Malaysia’s natural heritage.

Receive monthly electronic newsletter, Pencinta Alam, to members from branches listing calendar of events and activities.

Receive regular electronic updates from your local branch, detailing activities, news and updates.
Opportunity to volunteer in MNS projects, members are kept up to date to all volunteer opportunity within the Society.

Discounted park entries, facilities and purchases at the MNS Nature Bookshop.

Additional subscription entitles you to the MNJ, the Malayan Nature Journal, a scientific periodical that publishes new research on nature and biodiversity in Malaysia.
Please click MNS FAQ for subscription rates and further instructions on how to join MNS.