Thursday, July 29, 2010

Weekend Hike at Lambir National Park

Greetings MNS members!

Our intrepid MNS Miri outdoor enthusiasts will be hiking to Dinding waterfall at Lambir National Park this Saturday. This hike will be led by Peter Pillai.

Details for the activity are as follows:

Date: Saturday, 31st July 2010
Time: 7 am at Taman Awam (for those who wish to carpool) or 7.30 am at Lambir Park HQ.

The hike duration will typically take around 6 hours return depending on pace. The trail will be undulating for the most part, with several uphill and steep sections along the way. A reasonable amount of fitness is required to tackle this hike.

For those who wish to participate, please bring along the following items:
    • Water to last for the whole 6 hours (3 liters is adequate). Alternatively you can refill your bottles at Dinding waterfall, but please use water purification tablets for this purpose.
    • Energy gels and electrolytes to replenish your sodium levels. These will prevent you from getting muscle cramps due to excessive sweating.
    • Insect repellent.
    • High energy food (nuts, granola bars, chocolates).
    • Shoes with good traction (flip-flops and sandals are strongly discouraged).
    • Rain jacket or poncho.
    • Swim gear if you wish to take a dip in the waterfall.
    • RM10 for park entrance fee.
    • A sense of humor and a can-do attitude! :)
      Interested parties kindly contact

      Community Education Program with Lambir Hills National Park

      Lambir Hills NP.

      The CEP with local stakeholders for Lambir Hills NP will be conducted as per 2010 plan from 31st July to 03 August 2010 at the following venues:

      1. Rh. Turan, Sg. Buri - 31.07.2010
      2. Rh. Ree, Sg. Buri - 01.08.2010
      3. Kpg. Sg. Rait - 02.08.2010 (to be confirmed)
      4. Rh. Semburu, Sibuti - 03.08.2010 (to be confirmed)

      The program is scheduled to start at 7.30pm at the above venues; SFC, NREB and MNS participants are expected to gather at Lambir Hills National Park before the planned 7pm departure.

      There will be a 30-45mins powerpoint presentations from SFC (Lambir Hills National Park), NREB and MNS Miri reprsentatives. The presentations will cover Lambir Hills National Parks, Rules and Regulations pertaining to the park as well as appropriate topics from NREB and MNS Miri.

      Members interested to participate to please email

      Sunday, July 25, 2010

      New committee line-up for MNS Kuching Branch too!

      Sarawak has been fortunate to be to be the only state where the Malaysian Nature Society has two branches. With its expansive geographic cover, this is deservedly appropriate for Sarawak, an almost absolute necessity considering all the facts.

      MNS Kuching was formerly established September 1996, while MNS Miri was formally registered March of the same year after a short informal existence as Miri Natural History Society. Close cooperation between the two branches, sharing of pertinent information and strategy, working together on important issues have been the hallmark of the two branches as torch bearers of Malaysian Nature Society in Sarawak.

      This year the two branches conducted their annual AGM within a week of each other in Miri and Kuching respectively.

      Last Saturday saw MNS Miri successfully intalled new members to the Branch committee (see previous post).

      This weekend, 24th July 2010, in Kuching, MNS Kuching successfully conducted their AGM and Roadshow in the city and have come up their committee line-up for 2010-2011.

      Here's an excerpt by Zora Chan (immediate past Secretary, MNS Kuching) which appeared on :

      "On behalf of the Branch Committee for the term 2009-2010 and immediate past chairperson, Rebecca D'Cruz, we would like to record our sincere thanks to you for your continuous support in MNS and its activities. It has been a pleasure serving the branch. We just held our AGM this morning and followed by MNS 70th anniversary roadshow at the Mango Tree Restaurant. Both events went smoothly. Reports and minutes of the AGM would be sent to you all soon in separate emails.

      Chairperson : Cheong Ah Kwan
      Vice-chairperson : Yeo Siew Teck
      Secretary : Sunita Shamsul
      Treasurer : Jacinta Wong-Schneider
      Committee Members:
      Cynthia Hazebroek, Dr Chin Saw Sian, Chi'en Chi'en Lee, Rahim Bugo, Donald Tan and Lim Jin Bing

      Collin Cheong has been appointed as the branch's internal auditor.

      Congratulations to your new appointment.

      We thank the newly elected team for dedicating their time to serve the branch for one year and all the best to you all.

      Love Life, Love Nature"

      All the best to the two MNS branches in Sarawak!

      Nazeri Abghani/25th Jul 2010

      Monday, July 19, 2010

      MNS Miri Branch New EXCO 2010-2011

      We now have a new line-up of committed members for MNS Miri Branch Committee for 2010-2011 at the conclusion of our successful AGM conducted at Baraya Laut Resort near Miri, 4-6pm 17th July 2010.

      Members cheerfully posing in front of the AGM banner sponsored by Baraya Laut Resort.

      Twenty eight people attended the gathering, and twenty attending members elected their new EXCO to serve for the coming term:

      Chairperson : Faye Osman
      Vice-Chairperson : Anura Dason
      Secretary : Puteri Shariza Megat Khalid
      Treasurer : Ernyza Endot
      Committee Members : Nur Ziana Abdullah Sani, Musa Musbah

      The meeting also saw the formal establishment of three focus groups within MNS Miri to complement outreach efforts by the Branch in addition to their core assigned activities.

      CFZ (Fireflies Survey) : Musa Musbah
      MNS Miri-Reefcheck (Coral Reef Survey) : Kumareson Paranthaman
      Birdwatching (AWC and Birdwatching Outreach) : Nazeri Abghani

      The meeting ended with BBQ in slightly wet drizzling rain amidst high spirits and aspirations for the new committee.

      Musa supervising the bbq, Aju and the ganghad the time of their life trying to get the fire going on a drizzly nite.

      The evening concluded late into the nite after "Fireflies in Miri" presentations by Musa Musbah, "Birds on Campus" by Nazur Riza Norkaman, and last but not least "Trekking Baram" by Sara Wong.

      Members patiently waiting for their dinner.

      Our Branch has grown from a 35 member grouping in mid 2007, to 98 members presently with a wide range of activities conducted in and around Miri.

      The successful election of a new fully charged committee will ensure further growth of MNS in Miri.

      MNS Miri,
      19th July 2010

      Tuesday, July 6, 2010

      MNS Miri Branch July Updates and News

      02nd International Firefly Symposium, 02-05th August 2010.

      Dear Valued Members,

      It's been a manic June as well, the same as April and May, so manic to the point that we missed June's updates and news! The 2 weeks Gawai break didn't help!

      We'll try to catch up with this July's update.

      A warm welcome to our latest new members : Edward, Haidar, Dr Adeline, Cecilia and Chee.

      Members, please don't forget those brilliant suggestions on what activities you'd be partial to volunteer for and would like to see offered by MNS Miri Branch.

      AGM is upon us again, I urge all members to attend the AGM. Better still offer your time, expertise and vision to EXCO to forge forward with the Branch.


      1. Kinabalu Triple, 14-16th May Kinabalu National Park
      It was a long weekend, especially for the climbers! But we all had fun. The climbers successfully hoisted teh Tapir up to the summit. Our astronomers and birdwatchers captured the imagination and engaged 40 scondary school students and their teachers that weekend with birdwatching, stargazing (we saw one or two amidst Ranau cloudy nite) and rocket launches.

      a. Mount Kinabalu Climb Arriving, 14th May
      Sara, Faye and team successfully scaled the mountains amidst unusually windy weekend.

      b. Birdwatching with Students at KNP (extention of WMBD 2010 in Sabah)
      Nazeri, Musa spent the day with MNS Sabah EXCO and members to enthrall the children about Sabah endemics at Kinabalu Park. A first collaboration between the two branches.

      c. Astronomy with designated Kundasang School 15-16th May
      CK Lim, Kong fully engaged the children with stellar objects as well as water rocket building and launch.

      Check out the write-up on our blog. Tapir on Mt Kinabalu appeared on the The Star newspaper.

      2. SFC Conservation Education Program at Loagan Bunut, 22-23rd May
      We unfortunately were unable to participate nor send any of our NEC guys over to participate.

      3. Short Sojourn in Long Lamai, 28th May-01st June
      Sara, Faye, Sian and Wee Ming spend the extended weekend with the Penan community at Long Lamai, spend sometime with the kids you-youtubing and face-booking at e-Lamai as well as explore the nearby villages and waterfalls.

      4. Visit to Turtle Conservation Center, Kpg Mangkok, Setiu 29th May
      Nazeri had the opportunity to visit this small center that conduct amazing conservation and outreach work on river turtles along Sg Setiu (part of the Setiu Wetlands) by Prof Chan and Pelf Nyok. If you are looking for examples effective grassroots action at work, please check them out. The river turtles couldn't have anyone more qualified to speak on their behalf.

      5. MY Garden Birdwatch, 5 and 6th June, in your own garden and backyard
      Though this wasn't as big a big we expected in Sarawak mainly due to the long holidays, a few of our members successfully birdwatch and their backyard and submitted their sightings. MNS Kuching kicked off a grand training session at the Sarawak Biodiversity Council premises with more than 240 students.

      6. MNS National Roadshow, Pustaka Miri, 19-20th June
      The Branch pulled this off without any major hitch and successfully hold an exhibit of branch activities, offered mini-talks at the Pustaka as well as conduct a free fieldtrip to Tusan for fossil hunting.

      The President spoke of our push for the next few years to an audience of more than 150 people including representatives from several local press including RTM1; Kumar presented the MNS Miri-Reefcheck Project; Charlie, William engaged participants on fossils and geology at Tusan Beach the next day.

      The President also had an opportunity to engaged our young members from Curtin University at a group sit-down dinner held at Kelab Rekreasi Petroleum, Lutong.

      7. SFC CEP Program with SK Kelapa Sawit near Lambir 26th June
      Puteri, Sara, Faye, and Musa were on hand to engage the children during their program by officers of SFC and Lambir Hills National Park.


      1. Sg Miri Fireflies with Musa, 10th July, Kpg Padang Kerbau Jetty (PM)
      Musa will be checking out fireflies along Sg Miri with a few interested members. If keen, please contact Musa directly. This is a shared-cost activity. Please contact Musa for details.

      2. MNS Miri Branch AGM 17th July, 4-6pm at Baraya Laut Resort, Beraya
      Please refer to the official annoucement on this blog. Members are encouraged to attend the program put forth by the current committee. Members who are interested to run for any of the EXCO positions are encouraged to do so, please contact us for more details.

      3. International Firefly Symposium, 02-05th August, Holiday Villa, Subang
      Musa will be attending this program to enhance his firefly knowledge as preparation for potential work in the area. Please read our Sarawak Fireflies blog for attractive rates for members.

      4. MBBG Kuala Baram Lagoon Vigil, 14-15th August, 21-22nd August (AM)
      Weekend vigil for migrant waders and other waterbirds ecpected to reach our shores by this time. All are invited to checkout the early arrivals, some should probably still be in their vibrant breeding summer colours.

      5. MBBG Bario Weekend for Waterbirds 28-31st August
      A long weekend photographing, recording and video-taping all manner of waterbirds in the paddyfields of Bario. We are expecting Wood Sandpiper, Common Moorhen and other early migrants that make their stopover in Bario. Flights $185/return; accomodation $70/person perday full board.

      6. Advance announcement :
      a) Trek/Birdwatch Gunung Murud, 18-23rd October 2010
      This trip is confirmed, final costing is being finalised. Fly Bakelalan, trek Mt Murud, fly Miri via Lawas. Opportunity for extended birdwatching at Church camp for those who suffer from fear of heights (like Nazeri). We have 4 more places open. Participants will be ask to send in their deposits by end of July.

      We will be hiring guides and porters as required.

      7) Trek/Birdwatch Nepal, April/May 2011
      Details can be viewed at MNS Miri Events on Facebook. Further details will be shared with members once Air Asia published their cheaprates for 2011. Expected costs MYR$4000.

      C. OTHERS

      1. A big THANK YOU to members who've taken the time to renew their membership.
      Those who havent, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please contact us if you require assistance or more information on how to renew your membership painlessly and hassle free.

      You can now bank in to either Maybank (Account No: 012138304679) or HSBC (Account No: 305194920108) beneficiary name "Malaysian Nature Society".

      Please email notifications to

      Please take time to renew your membership, your Society needs your support. If you need assistance, please contact us.

      2. Please keep updated with Branch activities via our blog and Facebook
      Do keep abreast with weekly activities via our blogspot especially for those quick events, they normally crystalize by Thursday latest.

      Go to

      For Facebook, please search for "MNS Miri".

      We need writers and pictures for our blogs, Pencinta Alam, Malaysian Naturalists ... blog contributors are welcomed.

      If you think you are not great at writing, just jot something down anyway, we've got folks who can help you put out a nice story for the blog. If you have articles, write-ups and pictures to share, please don not hesitate to contact us.

      These stories or pictorials can be uploaded in any of one our blogs.

      Please email any comments, suggestions to or leave your comments on this blog.

      3. Binoculars for beginner/intermediate birders

      We have recently taken delivery of 15 units of 8x40 BAK4 prism binoculars from our suppliers. Members who has booked a unit or two to please contact Nazeri for payment and delivery.

      Those who've booked but haven't pick up:
      Steve Dexter 2xunits
      Remli Adenan 1xunit
      Anne King 1xunit
      Maye Yap 2xunits

      The binoculars are available for sale to members and non-members, please email Nazeri for details.

      A rugged, rubberised BAk4 prism equipped value for money bino.

      Thank you and kindest regards,
      Nazeri Abghani
      on behalf of MNS Miri Branch Committee