Thursday, July 29, 2010

Community Education Program with Lambir Hills National Park

Lambir Hills NP.

The CEP with local stakeholders for Lambir Hills NP will be conducted as per 2010 plan from 31st July to 03 August 2010 at the following venues:

1. Rh. Turan, Sg. Buri - 31.07.2010
2. Rh. Ree, Sg. Buri - 01.08.2010
3. Kpg. Sg. Rait - 02.08.2010 (to be confirmed)
4. Rh. Semburu, Sibuti - 03.08.2010 (to be confirmed)

The program is scheduled to start at 7.30pm at the above venues; SFC, NREB and MNS participants are expected to gather at Lambir Hills National Park before the planned 7pm departure.

There will be a 30-45mins powerpoint presentations from SFC (Lambir Hills National Park), NREB and MNS Miri reprsentatives. The presentations will cover Lambir Hills National Parks, Rules and Regulations pertaining to the park as well as appropriate topics from NREB and MNS Miri.

Members interested to participate to please email

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