Monday, July 19, 2010

MNS Miri Branch New EXCO 2010-2011

We now have a new line-up of committed members for MNS Miri Branch Committee for 2010-2011 at the conclusion of our successful AGM conducted at Baraya Laut Resort near Miri, 4-6pm 17th July 2010.

Members cheerfully posing in front of the AGM banner sponsored by Baraya Laut Resort.

Twenty eight people attended the gathering, and twenty attending members elected their new EXCO to serve for the coming term:

Chairperson : Faye Osman
Vice-Chairperson : Anura Dason
Secretary : Puteri Shariza Megat Khalid
Treasurer : Ernyza Endot
Committee Members : Nur Ziana Abdullah Sani, Musa Musbah

The meeting also saw the formal establishment of three focus groups within MNS Miri to complement outreach efforts by the Branch in addition to their core assigned activities.

CFZ (Fireflies Survey) : Musa Musbah
MNS Miri-Reefcheck (Coral Reef Survey) : Kumareson Paranthaman
Birdwatching (AWC and Birdwatching Outreach) : Nazeri Abghani

The meeting ended with BBQ in slightly wet drizzling rain amidst high spirits and aspirations for the new committee.

Musa supervising the bbq, Aju and the ganghad the time of their life trying to get the fire going on a drizzly nite.

The evening concluded late into the nite after "Fireflies in Miri" presentations by Musa Musbah, "Birds on Campus" by Nazur Riza Norkaman, and last but not least "Trekking Baram" by Sara Wong.

Members patiently waiting for their dinner.

Our Branch has grown from a 35 member grouping in mid 2007, to 98 members presently with a wide range of activities conducted in and around Miri.

The successful election of a new fully charged committee will ensure further growth of MNS in Miri.

MNS Miri,
19th July 2010

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