Monday, May 24, 2010

Climbing Mount Kinabalu with Tapir.

Climbers the morning of the climb prior to their arduous journey to the summit.

On the 15th of May, avid trekkers from the Malaysian Nature Society Miri Branch embarked on an attempt to summit the tallest mountain in South-East Asia: Mount Kinabalu.

After meeting our guide and porter, we proceeded to Timpohon Gate at 8.45 am where we began our 6 km hike to the Laban Rata resthouse at 3272 m altitude.

The air was cool and crisp as we walked on the well-trodden trail, which was flanked with wild ferns and mosses. Upon reaching Layang-Layang rest hut, the vegetation changed to stunted alpine trees. The weather was cloudy during our ascent to Laban Rata. The clouds shrouded the views below, and as the chilly wind blew through the trail, it brought along rain from the higher altitudes.

Prior to our climb, we have been training religiously on the trails of Lambir Hill National Park. Even though we were physically able to tackle the continuous climb, we were not prepared for how our bodies reacted to the high altitude. A few of us experienced headaches, and some ran out of breath quickly due to the thin air.

We reached Laban Rata at 2.15 pm. We could see the imposing mountain behind the resthouse playing peek-a-boo with us behind a curtain of clouds.

It rained heavily in the evening, sending streams of rainwater cascading down the mountain in waterfalls. We remarked to each other that it will be a slippery and wet climb to the summit come morning.

At 2 am, we had our supper at the cafeteria before embarking on the 2.7 km hike to the summit.

The first few hundred meters along the trail was done on wooden staircases. Subsequently, we had to scramble up the granite mountain face with the help of several sections of rope. The weather at this point took a turn to the extreme.

The wind was mercilessly cold and constant. Rain drizzled upon us, reducing the visibility to a mere 10 feet. The weather condition made it very difficult for us to navigate on the steep slope. The thought of giving up did cross the minds of some of us, but we kept trudging onwards.

At 5.30 am, the rain had ceased. Dawn was breaking, and we could see how high we were up in the mountain. Every step we took felt like we were moving in slow motion. We could already see Low’s Peak from where we were. It seemed very near, but it felt like forever for us to reach there.

Finally at 6 am, we reached Low’s Peak.

The view was spectacular to say the least. Clouds spread out under us like fluffy white pillows; the rays of the sun gilded the mountain face with ethereal golden light which can only be described as majestic, and the lush forest of the Kinabalu National Park down below spread like a verdant green carpet that extended beyond the horizon as far as the eyes can see.

Though we did not spend much time at the peak, we had ample time to raise up our “MNS 70th Anniversary” banner for a well-deserved photo-op, our Tapir made it to the top! Perhaps the highest point yet for a Tapir.

We descended to Laban Rata for the much awaited breakfast. After packing our belongings; we quickly made our way down, slowly and surely, back to Timpohon Gate.

As we depart for Kota Kinabalu even after our repeated pledge to never do this again, we looked up at the beautiful mountain range, and we know deep down inside that we will be back again someday.

Mount Kinabalu was an unforgettable experience and a testament to the power of Mother Nature.

Climbers at the summit, welldone! Big toothy grins for MNS Miri trekking team after making it to the summit with our Tapir in conjunction with MNS 70th Anniversary.

MNS Miri were in Mt Kinabalu area to for a triple event together with MNS Sabah Branch. While the trekkers were braving strong winds and sheer slopes up the summit, the flatgrounders were busy with endemic birds in the park and astronomy with students from SMK Datu Paduka Mat Salleh, Ranau.

Faye Osman/MNS Miri/May 2010

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Community Education Program with Loagan Bunut National Park

Loagan Bunut NP, the largest protected freshwater body in Sarawak.

We have committed several dates for MNS Miri Branch's involvement in several community education programs mooted by SFC at the beginning of the year.

This is a part of a comprehensive program by SFC Miri whose audience was meant to be local community members living close or around a national park or reserve, our target this time are the folks surrounding Loagan Bunut National Park. Through this platform already well established by SFC, MNS Miri Branch hopes to achieve our own objectives of raising the awareness amongst rural community members.

Tentative plans for Loagan Bunut CEP with schools:

20th May Travel by car to LBNP from Lambir Hills NP
21st May Program with SK Long Lapok
22nd May Program with SK Kpg Bok
23rd May Program with SK Log Teru
23rd May Return to Lambir Hills NP.

Volunteers are recommended to travel together with SFC staff from Lambir Hills National Park on the 20th, however those familiar with LBNP can join their most convenient location on the dates specified.

Loagan Bunut NP will be the base camp for this weekend's program. Volunteers will be transported to respective locations daily.

Those interested to participate, please email or sms 0168542212.

Monday, May 17, 2010

TAPIR made it to Mount Kinabalu Summit for 70th Anniversary!

Tapir on the summit by Faye Osman.

Our beloved Tapir made it to the summit of Mount Kinabalu last weekend (May 15th) in conjunction with our 70th Anniversary!

Congratulations to our intrepid climbing team Faye, Peter, Lau, Sia, Zhang led by Sara. Muchos gracias to Faye who lugged the cuddly guy all the way up the summit!

Group photo of a portion of members and participants who indulged in birdwatching for endemics and later astronomy and rocket launching in conjunction with our 70th Anniversary triple events over the weekend. Forty students from SMK Datu Paduka Mat Salleh, Ranau; Sabah Parks, Yayasan Sabah staff, MNS Miri and Sabah branches were a part of the Kinabalu Triple (Climbing, Birdwatching and Astronomy).

Our members (both Miri and Sabah Branches and friends) more attached to flat ground participated in a morning of birdwatching activities at the park looking for endemics, guided by Denis Degullacion of Borneo Bird Club, Alim Biun of Sabah Parks and Jimmy Omar of Yayasan Sabah.

Later that evening students were taken to a tour around the big blue in an hour of talk and colorful slideshow by CK Lim, amateur astronomer from MNS Penang followed by a short stargazing session peering into the Ranau nite skies.

CK Lim explaining the basic principals behind water rockets to MNS Sabah committee members.

The excitement continued the next morning with rocket-building and launching session led by again CK Lim and Kong Lih-Shan of MNS Sabah. A total of 6 water rockets shot up to the skies accompanied by loud applause from participants and spectators.

More stories on last weekend's Kinabalu Triple Do to follow.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

SFC's Conservation Education Program at Kpg Kuala Sibuti

Some of our young audience at Kpg Kuala Sibuti, photograph by Nazeri Abghani.

We signed up for a Kpg Kuala Sibuti Community Education Program (CEP) with SFC Miri Regional staff from Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary, the date in question was 05th May with the program starting just after Isya’ prayers, way past bedtime for some of us.

This is a part of a comprehensive program by SFC Miri whose audience was meant to be local community members living close or around a national park or reserve, in this case our target audience was fisher folks of Kpg Kuala Sibuti. Through a platform already well established by SFC, MNS Miri Branch hopes to achieve our own objectives of raising the awareness amongst rural community members.

Depending on the time allocated, we planned to give a talk on “Firefly in Miri”, “Dolphins in Miri” and “Waders in Miri”.

The SFC contingent consisting of member of staff from the various national parks of the northern region finally arrived at the agreed meeting point at 7:40pm and we moved out together in a convoy shortly after. During our wait, other than feeding the few rogue mosquitoes, we managed to collect a firefly specimen by the roadside. This will further add to the collection we already have for identification at a later date.

On the way to Kpg Kuala Sibuti, we made quick stops along the road to check out known firefly sites. There weren’t any significant displays taking place on any of the trees by the road. We saw only approximately 20 individuals on 2 display trees.

At the village multi-purpose hall, our arrival were greeted by Ketua Kaum Saini; the Imam, Pak Wasli and several village elders. All the young men were busy barbeque fresh fish, bounty of the sea brought in earlier. Kpg Kuala Sibuti lies at Sg Sibuti estuary, gateway to one of the most fertile fishing ground in the area. We were assured that they were not in short supply of good, fresh fish for the fire.

Ketua Kaum Saini confirming an item with Remli Adenan, PIC of SWS.

The awareness program started with Remli Adenan, PIC Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary giving a presentation on Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary and it’s role in the schemes on things.

Remli was the first to take up the mike at the conclusion of a short ceremonial doa by Imam Wasli. Remli covered the formation of SWS, it’s purpose of existence, laws and regulations stipulated to protect the park as well as summarised the value of the flora and fauna protected under the Sanctuary bylaws. Concepts of the Sanctuary were briefly covered.

It’s sometime hard for the local people to understand the reasons behind the setting up protected areas and the like. Having been relying on their immediate surroundings for their day to day resource for generations, sometimes becomes daunting for the local folks when suddenly they are told that they are no longer allowed to collect and gather these resources within the sanctuary or protected area system. Sessions like this gave them an opportunity to ask pertinent questions or justifications for establishments of sanctuaries or parks.

The audience was surprisingly enthralled by Musa Musbah’s short presentation on “Fireflies in Miri and surroundings”. Though the villagers and children were familiar with kunang-kunang, kelip-kelip or “local name”; they have not seen the creatures up close as close as Musa had presented it. They were shown the fireflies from larvae to adulthood.

Fireflies’ link to a healthy riverine system were driven home when they were shown the statistics of fireflies which have been collected over diverse areas withing Miri. Potential to use fireflies to generate tourism income was briefly covered. The folks were shown close-up pictures of some the yet un-named species collected in Miri and nearby rivers.

Dr Gianna updated the the audience on the progress of Project Dolphin Sarawak. They were informed of the most recent findings of several surveys that was carried out in Kuching, Kuala Nyalau and Similajau. When pictures of the dolphins were flashed up, they were familiar knowing smiles form the floor. Most folks being fishermen, they were nota stranger to the subject.

Dr Gianna implored the villagers to share information relating to dolphins in the area. The villagers were assured that they will NOT be implicated in any incidence of dead dolphins caught in their fishing net. They were assured of gratitude when reports of dolphin sighting are sent in, they are in fact helping us better understand these mammals. The warm reception by the villagers on the topic may warrant a more comprehensive dolphin sessions with fishermen of Kpg Kuala Sibuti at a later date.

Our first involvement with CEP by SFC wasn’t as positive as the program we just concluded at Kpg Kuala Sibuti. Though from first impression they were not as many young people attending, the continued presence of the village elders amplified commitment on the villagers part to hear what the organisers were saying.

Throughout the nite, we saw more and more young people trickling into the multi-purpose hall. With a close-knit community like this buy-in from respected village elders seems a great shoe-in for the success of the program. Towards the end of the presentations, speakers and organisers mingled with the villagers. Several elders pointedly asked when are we coming back to do similar programs, and they wanted it done on a regular basis. If that wasn’t “we are happy to hear what you have to say”, I don’t know what "buy-in" is.

These inroads into reaching out to the community should be explored further and should be taken advantage of fully by the bodies in SFC, MNS Miri or any other bodies trying to get the conservation message out to the grassroots. How better to reach the folks than to go to them and explain your story. Better than them getting it via hear-say and unfounded rumours. Definitely better than to leave them in the dark.

Community is our best ally in conservation. Too many time we forget about the common people elements that could make conservation efforts work to our advantage.

The program at Kpg Kuala Sibuti ended just before midnite, not after a scrumptious long table spread of the freshest ikan panggang, sweet hot tea and sago bites. Kpg Kuala Sibuti is indeed one place where work on conservation awareness felt fully appreciated and warmly received.

The big ikan panggang feast, freshest catch!

We have a feeling we’d be back for Part II Community Education Program very soon. An entourage entering the Sg Sibuti could be fun.

MNS Miri Branch would like thank SFC Miri Regional Office, it's TPA Unit, it's CEP Unit and Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary for an opportunity to work with them in this CEP effort.

Musa Musbah/MNS Miri/May 2010

Monday, May 10, 2010

MNS Miri Branch May Updates and News

Dear Valued Members,

It's been a manic April, and May looks to be the same!

A warm welcome to our latest new members : Joyce, Prem, Anis, Fatin, Khairul, Johan, Nurazura, Jumasri of Curtin University; Ahmad and Sofina of Pustaka Miri, Nooriza and new school member SMK Merbau.

Don't forget those brilliant suggestions and what activities you'd be partial to volunteer for and would like to see offered by MNS Miri Branch.


1. CEP Meeting with SFC Miri, 08th April
Nazeri and Musa attended this meeting to suss out 2010 CEP programs with community and schools around our national parks. We've committed participation on several sessions.

Please read more here.

2. Lambir Special Park Commitee Meeting, Lambir, 15th April
Nazeri attended and chaired this meeting at Lambir Hills. Present were Kamal (SPC Secretary), Lambir Park staff and community representatives from communities surrounding the park.

3 . Branch Committee Meeting, SSB Office, 20th April
Sara, Ernyza, Puteri, Nazeri, Peter, Aju and Wanie attended. Those present discussed Curtin Earth Day, WMBD 2010 and Kinabalu Triple Do events.

Nazeri announced Grace's resignation from Branch EXCO and Co-opted Kumar (Branch Reefcheck Project). Puteri was appointed Acting Secretary to take over Grace's tasks until a new Secretary is elected at the next branch AGM.

Branch AGM has been tentatively agreed to be held 17-18th July at Lambir Hills National Park. Enyza will be focal point for all AGM activities this year.

4. NREB Workshop on SCORE, Bintulu, 22nd April
Regret. No attendance recorded from Miri and Kuching Branches.

5. Curtin University Events, 22nd April
a. MNS Booth 10-4pm. Books, posters exhibition.

i) Lucky Draw for New Memberships (3 years membership onwards) - 1x 40x8 Savvy binoculars to be won, worth $300. Lucky winner was new member Premkumar

ii) Lucky Draw for New Memberships (1 year -2 year membership) - 6x "MNS Miri T-shirts" were allocated to new members : Anis, Fatin, Khairul Johan, Nurazura and Joyce who signed up as new members at the event.

iii)Lucky Draw for those who visit our booth - 1x Year student membership. Lucky winner was Jumasri.

b. Introduction to Birdwatching around Campus with MNS Miri 5-6pm.
15 participants tagged along a short loop around campus and we ticked 21 species of common garden and open grassland birds. A new record for us was a Pond Heron in almost breeding colors.

c. Talk and Slideshow "Birds of South America" by Dr Ron Orenstein
Dr Orenstein enthralled those who attended with his pictures and stories of unique and beautiful birds of the southern continent. Sweeping vistas grand landscape of the south captured the attention and imagination of the majority in the room.

6. Lambir Trek Series April
Sara, Peter and Faye have been dilligently scaling the trails with regulars at Lambir Hills National Park.

7. SFC's CEP with Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary staff, Kpg Kuala Sibuti, 05th May
Gianna, Musa and Nazeri joined SWS and other SFC staff during their evening community outreach and education program in this small village at the estuary of Sg Sibuti. Musa presented "Fireflies Miri" and Gianna went over Project Dolphins recent work and updates. The team of almost 15 people we feted with ikan bakar at the end of the session.

We also renewed acquaintance with Ketua Kaum Saini who hosted us at the village during our Bekenu-Similajau Longwalk back in Dec 2008.

At KK Saini's invitation, we may be involved in more community outreach programs in this village to tap into local knowledge on dolphins, fireflies, waterbirds and crocodiles. Watch this space.

8. World Migratory Bird Day 2010, Pustaka Miri, 8-9th May
We hosted Kho Swee Seng at Lambir Hills National Park Chalet No. 3 for our 3rd year celebration of WMBD. Pustaka Miri hosted Seng and his talk at the A/V room filled to capacity. Though 70 students attended the talk and slideshow on beautiful birds, there were limited number of branch members who attended. Only fifteen people participated in the field excursion the next day, well below the number we expected for the 38 seater air-condition bus.

Lucky draw winners:
i) Free One year Family membership : Ahmad Samsudin of Pustaka Miri
ii) Free One year School Membership : SMK Merbau represented by Cikgu Lee Ngaie Ping
iii) Free MNS Miri T-Shirts : students Adi, Hamirul, Suzieana, Charles and Fionna.

MNS Miri Branch also extended a complementary individual membership to Sofina Tan, Pustaka Miri in recognition of her efforts in promulgating our presence within the Miri community through collaborative events and knowledge activities at the Pustaka the past 4 years.


1. Kinabalu Triple 14-16th May Kinabalu National Park
As part of our MNS 70th Anniversary Event celebration, MNS Miri and Sabah Branch with be at KNP weekend of 14th May for another series of activities for members and surrounding local community.

a. Mount Kinabalu Climb Arriving 14th May
This slot is booked. Sara will be leading a team of climbers to the peak.

b. Birdwatching with Students at KNP (extention of WMBD 2010 in Sabah)
MNS Sabah and Miri Branch birders will be taking 40 local students around the park to introduce them to a few endemics.

c. Astronomy with designated Kundasang School 15-16th May
We have selected a school in Kundasang for a full day Astronomy program involving Stargazing, Water-rocket building and launching.

Members interested to participate and join in the fun are encouraged to book flights to KK ASAP. Accomodations arrangement if needed will be taken care of by our contact in KK.

Check out MNS Miri Facebook Events for more detailed program.

2. SFC Conservation Education Program at Loagan Bunut, 22-23rd May
Volunteers needed, please checkout schedules here if you are an MNS member and would like to actively contribute to the programs and activities for 2010.

3. Short Sojourn in Long Lamai, 28th May-01st June
A small party from the Miri and Kuching branch will be making the trek to Long Lamai to check out e-Lamai, nearby trails and waterfalls and maybe procure pictures of rare birds, maybe a Bulwer's Pheasant or two.

4. MY Garden Birdwatch, 5 and 6th June, in your own garden and backyard
Learn more about birds in your backyard by participating in our inaugural MY Garden Birdwatch either on the 5th or 6th of July. Help us map out our garden bird population and distribution via a few simple steps. First ever Malaysia wide citizen-science opportunity!

Learn more here.

5. MNS National Roadshow, Pustaka Miri, 19-20th June
MNS President will be visiting Miri to meet members and discussed the Society's newly rolled out Constitution. A forum with members will be held at the end of the mini slideshows.

a) Exhibition (all day) and Mini Talks and Slideshow (2-4pm), 19th June
b) Excursion to Tusan Cliffs to checkout Fossils

All members will be individually invited to the events via email and personal phone call from HQ.
Members are encouraged to attend.

6. [Postphone to July] Batek Workshop with Malek Adenan
A repeat of a half day program making batek prints with Malek Adenan, our resident batek artist and member.

7. Advance announcement :

a) Trek/Birdwatch Gunung Murud, 18-23rd October 2010
This trip is confirmed, final costing is being finalised. Fly Bakelalan, trek Mt Murud, fly Miri via Lawas. Opportunity for extended birdwatching at Church camp for those who suffer from fear of heights (like Nazeri). We will be hiring guides and porters as required.

b) Trek/Birdwatch Nepal, April/May 2011
Details can be viewed at MNS Miri Events on Facebook. Further details will be shared with members once Air Asia published their cheaprates for 2011. Expected costs MYR$4000.


1. A big THANK YOU to members who've taken the time to renew their membership.
Those who havent, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please contact us if you require assistance or more information on how to renew your membership painlessly and hassle free.

You can now bank in to either Maybank (Account No: 012138304679) or HSBC (Account No: 305194920108) beneficiary name "Malaysian Nature Society".

Please email notifications to

Members whose membership expires 31st Dec, and have not renewed:
Samantha Kwan

Membership of the following members expired 31st Jan, and have not renewed:
Jeit Law
Rebecca Pek

Members whose membership expires 28th Feb, and have not renewed:
Chia Lee Ming, Josephine
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Mohammad Hatta Rizal Mansor
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Wong Chung

Members whose membership expires 30th April, and have not renewed:
Chris Haneveld
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Mieke Kosters
Rosaria Liong

Members whose membership expires 31st May:
Farah Abdullah
Kumareson Paranthaman

Please take time to renew your membership, your Society needs your support. If you need assistance, please contact us.

2. Please keep updated with Branch activities via our blog and Facebook
Do keep abreast with weekly activities via our blogspot especially for those quick events, they normally crystalize by Thursday latest.

Go to

For Facebook, please search for "MNS Miri".

We need writers and pictures for our blogs, Pencinta Alam, Malaysian Naturalists ... blog contributors are welcomed.

If you think you are not great at writing, just jot something down anyway, we've got folks who can help you put out a nice story for the blog. If you have articles, write-ups and pictures to share, please email

They can be uploaded in any of one our blogs.

Please email any comments, suggestions to or leave your comments on this blog.

Thank you and kindest regards,
Nazeri Abghani
on behalf of MNS Miri Branch Committee

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Lessons on Oil Palm : Cargill's Report

Lessons om Oil Palm from across the border.

"Executive Summary

U.S. agribusiness giant Cargill plays a leading role in the global palm oil market. The largest importer of palm oil into the U.S., Cargill has a two-part business model in the palm oil industry: it both owns and operates palm oil plantations in Indonesia and it purchases and trades palm oil and its derivatives worldwide.

This report presents evidence that Cargill is operating two undisclosed palm oil plantations in West Kalimantan, Indonesia. Operations at these plantations are actively burning and clearing rainforests, causing conflict with local communities, destroying peatlands and operating in violation of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil’s (RSPO) Principles and Criteria and outside of Indonesian law. It also finds that Cargill has failed to adopt and implement systematic safeguards in its production, purchasing and trading of palm oil from other suppliers.

Cargill’s palm oil commitments
Cargill became a member of the RSPO, a voluntary standard for palm oil production, in 2004. As a certified member of the RSPO, Cargill is publicly asserting that the palm oil it produces and trades adheres to industry best practices and RSPO Principles and Criteria. 2 Investigation of the reality on the ground, however, reveals a wide gulf between Cargill’s palm oil operations and its stated commitments and responsibilities under the RSPO.

RSPO Violations
This investigation presents evidence that Cargill is violating at least five RSPO criteria:
Operating outside of Indonesian law;
failing to disclose ownership of palm oil plantations;
clearing rainforests without permits;
failing to resolve ongoing and large-scale land conflicts;and »
destroying watersheds.

Indonesian Law Violations
This investigation presents evidence that Cargill is violating at least five RSPO criteria:
Operating without an Environmental Assessment Report or Business Permits;
clearing rainforest without Timber Cutting Permits;
exceeding the maximum allowed concession area;
clearing peatlands; and
using fire/burning in palm oil concessions.

Systemic failures in Cargill’s supply chain
This report also finds that Cargill is not exercising necessary oversight of its own supply chain to ensure that it is clear from controversy. Cargill is regularly purchasing from and trading with at least two controversial palm oil suppliers, SALCRA and Sinar Mas Group, that are actively destroying rainforests, violating human rights and operating outside of industry best practices and/or national laws.

Recommendations and Conclusions
Bold action by Cargill, the most influential palm oil producer and trader in the U.S., to reduce the negative impacts of its palm oil operations could establish an important precedent for agribusiness throughout the world.

Based on the findings of our investigation, RAN recommends that:
-Cargill adopt and implement a comprehensive palm oil policy that includes commitments to ensure socially and environmentally responsible palm oil production on their plantations and supplier plantations in line with RSPO Principles and Criteria and Indonesian law.
-Cargill support a moratorium on natural forest conversion and peat land draining throughout their supply chain.
-The RSPO immediately investigate Cargill’s violations under the RSPO P&C and take appropriate disciplinary action.
-The RSPO immediately investigate and take action on existing complaints against problematic companies such as SALCRA and Sinar Mas, and implement an immediate moratorium on peatland conversion.
-Cargill customers, such as General Mills, investigate their own supply chains, and cancel contracts with problematic suppliers, including Cargill and Sinar Mas Group.
-The Indonesian government should investigate the legality of Cargill's CTP Holdings plantations in West Kalimantan and take appropriate actions based on their findings.

To read the full please follow this url:

Full Report

The article above is published by RAN, Rainforest Action Network.

You are probably wondering what's this got to do with us here in Sarawak. On the contrary, our very own shores are facing conversions of land (peatland, natural forest) which is taking place in such manic pace that it seems as if a blink of an eye would cause a whole crop of oil palm to appear right in front you. Take a Twin Otter flight in any direction in Sarawak, you'll see what we mean. Drive the Miri-Bintulu Coastal road perhaps, even the now quiet stretch on the old Miri-Bintulu Highway is showing the same scars left by redevelopment for oil palm.

The items raised up in the report can serve as lessons for us in face of other Cargills of this world. The report clearly gives you an insight into the business the like of which you will definitely not get in local morning paper.

So, go ahead, have read, maybe you'll learn a few things about similar seemingly "green", "responsible", "benevolent", member of RSPO corporate giants with deep pockets set to cover the Sarawakian landscape with palm oil. We've got enough trouble as it is with the two-bit players with no conscience.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

World Migratory Bird Day Celebration at Pustaka Miri this Saturday and Sunday

Malaysian Nature Society Miri Branch is again celebrating World Migratory Bird Day this year, our third year. WMBD events are extra special this year since in 2010 we are also celebrating MNS 70th Year Anniversary.

This year MNS Miri have confirmed the following events locally:

08th May
Birdwatching at Innoue Trail, Lambir Hills National Park.
Birdwatching with Khoo Swee Seng, together with Miri Branch Bird Group, members and interested public.

Talk and Slideshow on "Migrating Raptors" by Khoo Swee Seng at Pustaka Miri.
Inline with this year's theme"Save Migratory Birds in Crisis - All Species Count", Seng will be speaking about migrating raptors. This is a collaboration with Pustaka Negeri Sarawak.
Seng will also touch on the upcoming MY Big Garden Birdwatch in June.

There will be a lucky draw for registered participants, 3 prizes to be won:

1) 1x lucky participant attending the talk will stand to win one year Family membership to MNS worth $120/year. Open to families attending.

2) 1x lucky school attending the talk will stand to win a one year School membership to MNS worth $120/year. Open to schools attending the talk.

3) 5x lucky participants attending the talk will stand to win 1x hot of the press (being printed) MNS Miri T-Shirt worth $30/each. Open to all participants.

All prizes are sponsored by MNS Miri Branch, announcements for winners will be made at the end of the talk.

Evening Birdwatching near Bukit Song, Lambir Hills National Park.

Birdwatching with Seng, together with Miri Branch Bird Group, members and interested public.

09th May
Birdwatching fieldtrip in Kuala Baram led by Seng and MBBG. We will be providing a complementary 40 seater bus to transport participants to site from Pustaka Miri and back. The bus will leave Pustaka parking lot at 07:30am and we will be back at Pustaka by 1100am.
MNS Miri Branch members, students and members of the public are invited to participate in the above events. All events in Miri are complementary, and all are welcomed.
For more details about these events in Miri, please email : or sms 016-8542212.