Monday, May 17, 2010

TAPIR made it to Mount Kinabalu Summit for 70th Anniversary!

Tapir on the summit by Faye Osman.

Our beloved Tapir made it to the summit of Mount Kinabalu last weekend (May 15th) in conjunction with our 70th Anniversary!

Congratulations to our intrepid climbing team Faye, Peter, Lau, Sia, Zhang led by Sara. Muchos gracias to Faye who lugged the cuddly guy all the way up the summit!

Group photo of a portion of members and participants who indulged in birdwatching for endemics and later astronomy and rocket launching in conjunction with our 70th Anniversary triple events over the weekend. Forty students from SMK Datu Paduka Mat Salleh, Ranau; Sabah Parks, Yayasan Sabah staff, MNS Miri and Sabah branches were a part of the Kinabalu Triple (Climbing, Birdwatching and Astronomy).

Our members (both Miri and Sabah Branches and friends) more attached to flat ground participated in a morning of birdwatching activities at the park looking for endemics, guided by Denis Degullacion of Borneo Bird Club, Alim Biun of Sabah Parks and Jimmy Omar of Yayasan Sabah.

Later that evening students were taken to a tour around the big blue in an hour of talk and colorful slideshow by CK Lim, amateur astronomer from MNS Penang followed by a short stargazing session peering into the Ranau nite skies.

CK Lim explaining the basic principals behind water rockets to MNS Sabah committee members.

The excitement continued the next morning with rocket-building and launching session led by again CK Lim and Kong Lih-Shan of MNS Sabah. A total of 6 water rockets shot up to the skies accompanied by loud applause from participants and spectators.

More stories on last weekend's Kinabalu Triple Do to follow.