Our Committee

Musa Musbah

Musa is a trained biostatigrapher, specializing in nanoplankton. He has previously worked with Sarawak Shell Berhad for the past 35 years, in the geological services department.

He is one of the senior local Malaysian biostratigrapher that has provided quality biostratigraphc services to Development and Exploration asset of Shell. He has vast experience with databases set-up and maintenance. He also familiar with GPS and its uses.

Musa spends his free time casting his fishing rod into the nearby rivers, with the hopes of landing a big catch. Now that he is into his retirement years, he devotes much of his time to the 'Congregation Firefly Zone Survey' project, in which he acts as project executor.

Musa works as a Nano-plankton Consultant (Jurassic-Neogene Specialist) with Orogenic-Panterra Laboratory Services.

 John Yeo

Joyce Sivalingam

Joyce hails from Ipoh but she will readily confess she is a lousy example of a city slicker. Upon graduation from Universiti Malaya with a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Engineering, she has spent most of her working years thus far in the island of Borneo.  She would wake up before sunrise only if there is the promise of a trek, dive or a flight to catch to explore some faraway land. She enjoys sampling local food, exploring local markets and wandering off the beaten track. Eccentricities include an unexplainable contempt for frozen peas in whatever form it is prepared and a chronic dependence on bird’s eye chillies a.k.a cili padi as a condiment. Joyce is an MNS member since 2010.       

Amer Matridi Abu Mansor

Committee Member
Miriam Chacko

Miriam recently took a flight out of Kochi, India; her home for 25 years and is glad to have landed on an island that is just as or maybe even more green and lush.  She takes to swimming, cycling, diving, walking long distances, puzzles and board games, actually just scrabble.  

Miriam pursued her studies in Environment and International Development in 2008 and continues to learn about life both above and below sea level. Moving around with the MNS gang has opened her eyes to the many natural wonders of Borneo.  

Co-opted Committee Member
Stephen Tay

Stephen works as a Chief Electrician on a drilling rig and is currently based offshore Brunei.
He enjoys outdoor life. On his off days, he would join Peter and his gang on their regular hikes at Lambir Hill National Park or nearby National Parks.  His 2 younger children, Cyrus and Cyra loves hiking and are regular companions in most of the hikes. He took up hiking to de-stress and enjoy the sound of nature  after spending 28 days each hitch on a noisy steel island called the drilling rig!

Immediate Past-Chairperson
Peter Pillai

Peter is a master's degree holder in Information Technology.

He (along with his partner-in-crime, Sara Wong) leads the Saturday morning hikes in Lambir Hill National Park. His main reason for hiking is because it will balance out his love for eating (and also spare his budget from buying larger clothes). Of course, hiking is a good exercise to increase cardiovascular and muscular health too.

Peter gets bored easily by hiking at the same place every weekend. He makes attempts to vary his hike locations, thus he travels extensively.