Monday, October 26, 2009

Common Kingfisher by Choo Tse Chien

The resplendant Common Kingfisher Alcedo atthis which is not so common as photographed by bird photographer and MNS Miri friend Choo Tse Chien. More of Tsechien's work can be found at :

A fine collection of Tsechien and friends' work, titled "101 Birds" was exhibited at the recent MNS AGM hosted by MNS Miri at Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort for three days, 25-27th September 2009.

The group donated 15% of the proceeds from the sale of prints from the exhibition to MNS Miri for it's Birdwatching with Schoolchildren Program.

Tsechien can be also be contacted at chootc at gmail dot com.

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