Monday, October 12, 2009

MNS Miri Branch October Updates

Dear Members,

As mentioned in a separate email a couple of weeks back our AGM went well and we saw a few items successfully lobbied to be included onto the MNS workplans for next year. One is the issue with Sime Darby opening up new oil palm plantations, second is the Green Audit Criteria for Corpoarate members and last but not least issues relating to deforestation in Sarawak. We'll see how those items pan out over the next year.


1. Similajau Trekking over Hari Raya long break, 20-22nd September
Sara led a group of members and friends trekking Golden Beach during the raya break, I think she's hooked now. Check-out Sara's write-up on our blog, the same article is on

2. MNS 62nd National AGM at BTRR, 26th September
Read the write-up here on our blog pages.

3. Kuching Mini Birdrace, 04th October
The successful race added 11 new birds to the list of birds in Borneo Highlands Resort! Though we did not participate this year, we should plan to join the festivities next year 2010.

4. Borneo Bird Festival, 10-15th October
This event is still ongoing in the new Rainforest Discovery Center, Sandakan. Our friend Choo Tse Chien 'bagged' his first Bornean Bristlehead finally just a couple of days ago while attending the activities there.

5. Birdwatching near Bukit Song, 03rd October
Our small birdgroup went fr a morning's stakeout first thing Saturday morning and came out with 40+ birds by just staying put in one shady spot on the fringe of Lambir Hills National Park northern corner. Read about it here as well as on

6. Trekking with Sara at Lambir Hills NP, 03rd October
Sara and few avid trekkers attempted Dinding Waterfall and succeeded!

7. MoonCake Fest at Curtin (Astronomy), 03rd October
Aju and Ernyza wowed the attending crowd with close-up views of the full moon.8. Scouts in Ulu Baram, 10-19th OctoberWe've send out a small advance party from the Society to conduct an exploratory walkabout to Ulu Baram to suss out the area. We will share their findings and images upon their return with the greater membership.

We should be able to start organising group trips to the area starting Jan 2010 depending out the outcome of this trip. Those interested to participate can start submitting their names now.


1. Birdwatching Walkabout in Curtin, October
Aju to pencil in a date for a short early morning or late afternoon walkabout on campus to initiate the Curtin Birdlists. Announcement will be made soon as we've got a firm date from Aju and teh Curtin birders. Those interested to participate, please revert.

2. Lambir Hills NP Nitewalk, 17th October
We'll explore the main trails for creepy crawlies and usual suspects found in and around the trails. Opportunities to spot the arboreal tarantula and maybe snakes.Meet 5.30-6.00 pm at the ticket counter. Entrance is $10/adult. Please bring water and wear covered shoes. Please revert to participate.

3. Birdwatching along the Lambir Logging Trail, 18th October
Join our birdgroup to canvas the trails for anumal tracks and birdsMeet 7:30-8:00 am at Lambir ticket counter. This event is FOC. Bring water and wear comfy trekking shoes. Please revert to participate.

4. Council Meeting, 23-24th October.
Nazeri will be attending discussions of Sarawak issues 23rd and Council meeting 24th in KL. We are strategising actions for Sarawak based on members discussions and input at the recent AGM. Outcome of this meeting will be shared with branch members in due course.

5. KMA Camp at Niah NP, 24-25th October
Puteri and Musa will be participating in this Camp at Niah Caves NP.6. Birdwatching in Niah, 01st November Our small bridgroup will be descending onto Niah NP for a spot of birdwatching near the surroundig area. Please revert if you are interested to participate.

7. Nature Camp for Children in Lambir, 07th November
After a very long hiatus, we are embarking to a nature camp for children again this November led by Amer and Grace from the NEC group.

This will be a day camp at Lambir Hills NP and we are trying to arrange for transport, insurance and speakers for the program. This is now firm and participation is invited from all segments of the branch and Miri community.

If you have kids or know someone who have kids who'd benefit spending a day in a natural forest with fullfilling activities, please call us.We will also be needing a few volunteers to help out with the program.


1. Fireflies Survey and Training, Kuching 5-6th December
We are sending Musa on a fireflies training in Kuching with Sonny from our Conservation Division. Hopefully upon successfull completion Musa can help us get more intimate with fireflies and conduct surveys in and around Miri.

Read about it here on our blog.

2. Membership renewal.
A big THANK YOU to those members who've taken the time to renew their membership. Those who havent, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please revert to this email if you require assistance or more information on how to renew your membership painlessly and hassle free.

Membership for the following members are expiring end of this month:
Adrienne Marcus Raja
Bejay Ugon
Jia Jiun Law
Masatoshe Sone
Nurhazwani Abdul Munaf
Terry Justin Dit
Elisabet Wee Siew Siew
Yong Kah Hian
Sim Yuh Thin
Lim Teck Huat

Members, please take time to renew your membership. If you need assistance, please contact us. Your Society needs your continued support.

3. Branch Blogs and Facebook.
Keep updated with Branch activities via our blog( and Facebook (search for "MNS Miri").

If you've articles, write-ups and pictures to share on our blog, please email

Thank you and kindest regards,
MNS Miri Branch Commt

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