Saturday, October 31, 2009

MNS 70th Anniversary Celebrations and then some

Malaysian Nature Society is celebrating it's 70th year Anniversary in October 2010!

Though MNS Miri has only clocked up 13+ years in Sarawak, we will be head to head with the older branches such as Penang, Perak and Selangor Branches to celebrate MNS 70th year Anniversary.

Some of our original members from Mar 1996 : Charlie Lee, Lucas Johny, Jim Warburton, Sim Wan Chee, Wendy Langga, Clements Lim, Hoo Chee Sian are still with us today. Betcha they've got plenty of stories to tell about MNS Miri, it's original members and their first few outings.

70th Anniversary 2010 yearlong activities:
a) 70th Anniversary Press Conference KL Friday, 8th January OR Monday, 11th January
Secretariat to have a media event to announce 70th Anniversary celebration.

b. Commemorative Stamps, Jan 2010
Launching to be expected early in the year.

c. Raptor Watch 13-14th Mar
Our 11th year Raptor Watch in Tanjong Tuan will be packaged together with our 70th Anniversary.

d. Earth Day 22nd Apr

e. Climate Change Convention, Langkawi Wednesday, 19-22nd May
All branches are encouraged to support, promote and attend this event.

f. Biodiversity Day 22nd May
f. Langkawi Music Festival June 2010
g. World Enviroment Day 5th June
h. World Oceans Day 8th June

i. International Congress "State of the Nation, Environment Perspective", KL 8-9th Oct
All branches are encouraged to promote and attend this event. Branches to supply volunteer assistance in rapportering, chairpersons, logistic handling. In conjunction with congress, an exhibition showcasing MNS 70th Achievements where branch are to highlight their successes and ongoing programmes.

j. Fundraising Dinner, post conference (Oct)
A gala dinner to highlight MNS achievements and opportunity to raise funds.

k. Festival of Wings (Oct)

Activities requiring specific input and direct involvement from Branches:
a. Branch Road Show
Council and Secretariat will be making a Roadshow to all the Branches in the country to:
i) strengthen the interaction between council, secretariat, branches committee members and members at that particular state
ii) obtain feedback from members pertaining to the proposed MNS Constitution
iii) highlight MNS 70th Anniversary Lecture Series (run up to MNS Symposium in Oct 2010)
Branch to submit most optimum dates for members throughout 2010.

b. 70th ANniversary Coffee Table Publication
The content of which will highlight particularly the activities of the branches and secretariat. As it is going to be a coffee table book publication, the book would feature a lot of photographs. Branches and branch members are invited to provide a brief write ups of the highlights of the many interesting activities of the branch along with photographs of high resolution (1MB each). Andrew, Head of Communications will be point of call for all branches' contribution. Dateline : 31st December 2009.

c. Exhibition for "State of the Nation" Congress.
Branches are invited to provide material to support a major exhibition at the congress showcasing and highlighting 70 years (or subset thereof ) of MNS achievements within the branches.

MNS Miri has appointed Sara Wong, Branch Vice-chairperson as our Coordinatoor for the 70th Anniversary Celebrations. Sara will liase with Secretariat pertaining to all matters related to the grand celebrations and material input from our branch. Sara will be fully supported by branch EXCO and members to ensure our branch gets the mileage we deserve, all of the 13+ years of MNS in Miri.

If you have any particular memorabilia, subjects, stories, articles, images related to MNS Miri Branch, it's activities and members, please get in contact with Sara Wong soonest. We might just be able to accomodate some of these material in print as part of MNS history in Sarawak in the coffee table book as well as the congress exhibition.

MNS Miri/Oct 2009

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