Monday, November 2, 2009

November Branch Updates and News

Dear Members,

The wet season is upon us again ... those walking in the woods, do watch out overhead for falling branches and below for slippery footholds (and leeches). Those walking on the beach, do keep a nose-up on the rising tides, the waves too can be quite ferocious this time of year.

1. Lambir Hills NP Nitewalk, 17th October
We didn't see any major reptiles or mammals, only the usual insects, geckos and spiders. The sounds of the rainforest at night however is always enchanting.

Checkout write-up:

2. Birdwatching along the Lambir Logging Trail, 18th October
Slender-billed crows (12 of them!!!) making quite a ruckus on tall tree across from our ridge. We also got front seat eye-to-eye view of the Grey-rumped threeswift. Several Hill Myna made a fly pass.

The call of Argus Pheasant was unmistakable.

Absent were the falconets, barbets, and woodpeckers.

To make up for it we had a very close encounter with a very beautiful little snake sunny itself in the middle of the track. And of course there was that enigmatic birdcall which we weren't able to positively id or locate the source of! We'll be back!

Checkout write-up:

3. Council Meeting, 23-24th October.
MNS Kuching and MNS Miri presented Action in Sarawak and "Blood in the Water-Expedition to Ulu Baram" detailing the situation and strategy to be adopted in Sarawak.

4. KMA Camp at Niah NP, 24-25th October
This camp was cancelled by KMA organisers.

1. Birdwatching Walkabout in Curtin, October
Aju to pencil in a date for a short early morning or late afternoon walkabout on campus to initiate the Curtin Birdlists. Announcement will be made soon as we've got a firm date from Aju and teh Curtin birders. Those interested to participate, please revert.

2. Birdwatching in Niah, 01st November
Our small birdgroup will be descending onto Niah NP for a spot of birdwatching near the surrounding area. Please revert if you are interested to participate.

Meet 7-7.30 AM at Taman Awam

We'll be back before lunch or may lunch in Bekenu.

3. Nature Camp for Children in Lambir, 07th November
After a long hiatus, we are embarking to a nature camp for children again this November led by Amer and Grace from the NEC group. It'll be a day camp at Lambir Hills NP and we are trying to arrange for transport, insurance and speakers for the program.

This is now firm and participation is invited from all segments of the branch and Miri community. If you have kids or know someone who have kids who'd benefit spending a day in a natural forest with fullfilling activities, please call us.

Checkout announcement:

4. Presentation to members, "Blood in the Water-Expedition to Ulu Baram" November
Date and venue to be announced at a later date. Find out what went on during a 10 day mini expedition by two of our members deep into Penan country.

5. Discussions on MNS Miri Strategic Plans 2010-2012, November
Members are invited to discuss MNS Miri Strategic Plans in line with the MNS Strategic 12 year Plan. Our opportunity to focus our efforts and initiatives in Sarawak.

Date and venue to be announced at a later date.

Further afield to close 2009:
6. Bakakalan Short Jaunt 12-14th December
For those who managed to secure tickets, the trip is ON!

Sara will be making accomodation arrangement and suss out all the other finer details. To those who didn't manage to get ticket, we'll try again next time or perhaps you'd like to give Long Lamai a go (see below).

7. Long Lamai X-Mas and New Year 26th Dec
Plans are afoot to spend 1 week in Long Lamai to get acquainted with the area, the people and the rural landscape. They will some walking but you'll be guaranteed plenty of photography, birdwatching and getting to know the locals.

We will be flying in to Long Banga 26th Dec, return 03rd Jan.

(Depending on availability of tickets, if this event pulls thru, it replaces our original planned Niah-Suai Weeklong Walk and Camp.)

8. Long Weekend at a longhouse along Batang Baram
One of our member has extended to members of MNS Miri a quite weekend longhouse experience. Expressions of interest is duly sought from members who'd like to spend a couple days relaxing with a longhouse community by the riverside, the Tuai Rumah will be our host. Since the dates have not yet been set, members can specify "best" dates based on their preferences.

Though MNS Miri has only clocked up 13+ years in Sarawak, we will be head to head with the older branches such as Penang, Perak and Selangor Branches to celebrate MNS 70th year Anniversary.

Some of our original members from Mar 1996 : Charlie Lee, Lucas Johny, Jim Warburton, Sim Wan Chee, Wendy Langga, Clements Lim are still with us today. Betcha they've got plenty of stories to tell about MNS Miri, it's original members and their first few outings.

Members are encouraged to read up the details in store as part of the yearlong celebration 2010:

2. Fireflies Survey and Training, Kuching 5-6th December
We are sending Musa on a fireflies training in Kuching with Sonny from our Conservation Division. Hopefully upon successfull completion Musa can help us get more intimate with fireflies and conduct surveys in and around Miri.

Read about it here:

3. A big THANK YOU to those members who've taken the time to renew their membership. Those who havent, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please revert to this email if you require assistance or more information on how to renew your membership painlessly and hassle free.

Membership for the following members expired 31-Oct 2009:
Adrienne Marcus Raja
Bejay Ugon
Jia Jiun Law
Masatoshe Sone
Nurhazwani Abdul Munaf
Elisabet Wee Siew Siew
Yong Kah Hian
Sim Yuh Thin
Lim Teck Huat

Members, please take time to renew your membership. If you need assistance, please contact us. Your Society needs your continued support.

4. We need writers and pictures for our blogs, Pencinta Alam, Malaysian Naturalists ... contributors welcomed.If you've articles, write-ups and pictures to share on our blog, please email

Thank you and kindest regards,
Nazeri Abghani
on behalf of MNS Miri Branch Commt

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