Sunday, June 20, 2010

MNS Roadshow in Miri : Day Two

Tusan Fossil Hunt

We met at the Pustaka Miri parking lot 0700hrs to a waiting 40 seater air-conditioned executive coach. We almost filled up the seats with four cars joining us separately at the cliffs.

Charlie Lee was our main man that day assisted by several other geologists, engineers, geophysicists in the group. There were about a dozen young participants eager to learn more about geology, even more so at the prospect of finding real fossils.

Young geologists, earth scientists, paleontologists in the making. On this particular trip we had a dozen children all wide-eyed and eager to find fossils and a learn about geology.

A sandstone cliff or what's left of a sandstone cliff after the waves have had a few go at it.

A seastack, part of an earlier standstone cliff withstanding the pounding waves during high tide.

Malek Adenan, our resident artist was caught in a perfect moment on top of a meashed up conglomerate and fault debris that remained as part of an older now eroded a sandstone cliff.

The young guns atop a conglomerate block, these are Miri boys out looking to learn a few things about their own backyard, some geology and look for fossils at Tusan.

Everyone lining up for a photo opportunity with the last standing part of a sandstone cliff.

The beautiful Tusan beach, sandstone cliffs all along the shore. Some parts of the formation contained fossils from the Miocene era consisting of gastropods, bivalves, plants, crabs and fish fossils. The scenery is one of the few unique seashore sights in Sarawak. Those intending to visit are advised to check the tide tables carefully before venturing out on the coast.

Our young supporter after several hours traipsing about in the hot sun, the prospect of fossils kept them going till about noon.

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