Monday, June 21, 2010

MNS Miri Branch AGM 17th July 2010

Penans of Upper Baram, AFP.

MNS Branches play an integral part in ensuring the success of the Malaysian Nature Society (MNS).

The success of the branch depends on how well the Branch EXCO execute their duties and responsibilities. During your term in office, you have an exciting opportunity to increase your leadership as well as depth of knowledge pertaining to the environmental issues surrounding Malaysia.

The EXCO position is not only an opportunity, it is a challenge. As Branch EXCO, you must stimulate enthusiasm and accomplish goals by motivating MNS members as well as public.The Branch EXCO serves as a liaison between Council, MNS Secretariat and MNS members in your state.

The Council delegates certain responsibility to you. Some of these responsibilities will be overseeing the programming and administrative needs of members such as organizing talks and field trips, promoting environmental education outreach and organising social events.

Branch EXCO Objectives
Branch ensures MNS members get the service they need at the local level. The following objectives assist the Branch EXCO to clearly understand their roles so that they can better serve MNS members:

1. Advocate for conservation of key habitats and species at the branch level as well as in Malaysia. Your top priority is to ensure conservation issues at the local level is made known to MNS members.

2. Build a future generation of environmentally-conscious Malaysians by integrating public awareness-raising processes into all planning and development programmes and events at the branch level.

3. Motivate civil society participation in planning and decision-making processes at the branch level where everyone can learn, grow and appreciate the natural heritage of Malaysia.

4. Focus on membership growth and achieve a solid voice at the branch level.

Branch EXCO’s Commitment

Three main thrust of a Branch EXCO:
1. Growth
Ensure no loss in the finance of each branch. When a branch ceases operations, we have lost an invaluable opportunity to deliver the benefits of MNS membership. Enlist the assistance of Secretariat Office to do whatever it takes to make sure every branch has at least 50 members.

2. Improved Branch Communication
Hold at least 4 branch meetings and 1 Branch Annual General Meeting each year. Use these meetings strategically to ensure the success of the branch.

3. Active Branch Representation in Council
Branch is an important component of MNS Council. Attending and participating in Council Meeting, normally 4 times in a year ensures branch involvement in MNS policy decision making process. It also gives an opportunity to branch to share their development plans at the branch level.

Our 2010-2011 branch AGM
MNS Miri Branch will be voting for the following key positions for the branch at our upcoming Branch AGM in 17th July (exact venue and agenda to be announced separately by Branch Secretary):

Elected position, presently position held by Nazeri Abghani.

Responsible to Council and undertakes responsibilities determined by Council.
Responsible for Branch supervision and operations.
Upholds and represent MNS Society at the branch level in promoting MNS to members as well as public.
Leads Branch Exco in developing annual strategy and programmes.
Chairs the Branch EXCO meetings as well as Branch AGM.

Vice Chairperson
Elected position, presently post held by Sara Wong.

Upholds and represent MNS Society at the branch level in the absence of Branch Chairperson.
Assist in developing annual strategy and programmes.

Honorary Secretary
Elected position, Puteri Shariza Megat Khalid is currently acting Secretary after Grace Len vacated the post.

Responsible for Branch records and correspondence.
Custodian of MNS Rules and Regulations and other official branch documents.
Submits annual return to Registrar of Society.
Records and read minutes of branch meetings and Branch AGM.

Honorary Treasurer
Elected position, presently held by Amer Matridi Abu Mansur Matridi. Amer has since relocated to West Malaysia, his duty is presently being performed by Sara Wong.

Responsible for development and execution of financial policies, procedures, audits and controls at branch level.
Receives and disburses funds in payment of all obligations.
Develop and recommend annual budget to Branch EXCO.

Ordinary Committee Members
Elected position, presently held by Musa Musbah.

Specific role to assist Branch EXCO in areas of membership, public relations, succession planning, establishing conservation and environmental education programmes and initiation of new project initiatives.

Co-opted Committee Members
Coopted by EXCO at the Branch AGM. Presently Charlie Lee, Peter Pillai, Ernyza Endot, Nazur Riza Norkaman, and Kumareson Paranthaman serves as co-opted committee.

To assist with the organising and running of specific activities of the branch.

The Branch AGM requires that the total number in attendance should be twice the total number of Branch EXCO members. Attendance of 10 or more members at the upcoming Branch AGM would ensure another succesfull AGM.

Our branch AGM presents a great opportunity for members to meet and catch up especially on branch matters as well as our collective aspirations for the branch. Our 2008/2009 AGM was held at Lambir Hills National Park complete with barbeque dinner, late-nite jaunt into the rainforest and jungle trekking the morning after. 2009/2010 AGM was more sedate with a group sit-down dinner at Kelab Rekreasi Petroleum, Lutong.

Feel free to forward your suggestions to EXCO as to how we should conduct the activities for our AGM this year. A barbeque maybe, perhaps another sit-down dinner, maybe a presentation on our past activities over the year. Ernyza has been tasked by EXCO as focal point for this years AGM and AGM activities, please get in touch with Ernyza to dicuss any ideas that you may have.
Your support to ensure the success of our AGM and smooth execution of future branch activities is crucial. Come join us and together help shape the future direction of MNS Miri Branch. Only paid-up members up to 31-July 2010 onwards are eligible to vote and/or run for the upcoming 2010/2011 election.

Please email if you'd like to be involved and serve on our 2010-2011 EXCO, we always welcome new blood with fresh ideas.

Your Branch needs you!

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