Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's happening near Lambir Hills National Park?

There has been some feverish activities near a patch of forest along the Miri-Bintulu road next to Lambir Hills National Park in the past months. Yep, we noticed the garish scar on the hillsides across the road from the park, a special tribute to our dearly departed at upwards of a few tens of thousands per lot.

There are also a few visibly garish newly bulldozed paths on the same side of park HQ. Where it goes, no one knows.

This relatively more concerted development however is right at the side of the gazetted area of the Park itself. Earth moving machines, excavators and workers have been seen busy clearing the area. 4WD vehicles bearing the "SY" signage are scattered near the workers' quarters.

No signage whatsoever from the people developing the area, it's a private venture some say.

WMD at work.

Workers quaters, another two houses to the right with recently completed man-made ponds (not pictured).

There's also major roadwork in progress just a few meters away on the Miri-Bintulu road itself.

Does anybody know the details?

Perhaps this is another one of those tri-partite squable of landrights that surely becoming more common in Sarawak, but quietly simmering in the background away from public knowledge. In this case best guess would be between the folks from nearby Rumah Entulang, Lambir Hills National Park and Shin Yang.

We surely haven't seen this in any of the local papers.

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