Thursday, July 16, 2009

Stargazing at Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort, Lambir Hills

Our astronomy talk ended at 1600hrs followed immediately by preparations for getting our Overnite Astronomy Camp participants over to Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort. All participants were taken onboard a bus which took them directly to the resort.

Seven students from SM Chung Hua, one from Riam School, three Pustaka Negeri Sarawak Miri Branch, the rest are MNS Miri members which in total make up the twenty six participants to the overnite camps.

Upon checking into their bunk beds at the hostels, participants were feted to a buffet dinner at the restuarant.

Stargazing started immediately after dinner, with six refractor telescopes set up for everyone to have an opportunity to peer into the dark but brilliant skies. The stars complied to our fervent prayers, the skies was clear with no clouds present during the major part of the stargazing session.

Excitement from the camp spread rapidly to other visitors at the resort. As CK took everyone through a tour of the stellar casts, the crowd grew significantly to include parents, siblings, resort workers, owners, family members and tourists.

We took it easy on the tarmac enjoying the brilliant view.

We waited for the moon. The moon didn't come out till 2330, but it only afforded a nebolous view of itself, wafting in cloaked in cloud cover. The view of Jupiter was brilliant!

Setting up the big glass to peer into the heavens, young and not so young waiting the turn at the telescopes.

CK going thru the constellation with a sizable audience, some are our astronomy campers, others are just curious visitors wanting to get a peek the the stars. Photo by Lo Kiun Sin

Telescopes, highpowered binoculars, laser light pens, cameras and tripods ready with the crowd.

You are never too young to be awed by the universe, we are all little people in that regard.

Pustaka Negeri Sarawak Miri Branch staff getting a go at the big guns. Photo by Lo Kiun Sin

For once staying up late is good for you. Claudia and Rebecca enjoying the cool nite air in the accompaniment of a zillion stars up above.

The Milky Way as rendered by Lo Kiun Sin.

The was slightly nebulous with thick cover of clouds by the time it appeared around 2330 hrs. The little bright object to the right is Jupiter.

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  1. that's so nice. it's like having a wonderful date with nature and universal itself. star-gazing is beautiful.