Saturday, July 25, 2009

Rocketeers, blast-off!

Each team were given two opportunities to launch their rockets. The first attempt was the launch of their prototypes, the second their best design after picking up and fixing minor design flaws from the first attempt. All did an excellent job taking their Coke-bottle rockets off the ground.

The Youngest Team with their consultant in the background.

Team Chung Hwa working hard to perfect the design of their rocket.

The Dream Team adding final touches to their creation with CK's and Ernie's help.

"Hmmm ... will it fly or will it disintegrate to pieces?" Chung Hwa Team.

Rocketeers and their rockets, 1st prototype from each group.

Team Chung Hwa's successful take-off. Photo by Musa Musbah.

"Whoo-ho!" A perfect launch! Photo by Musa Musbah.

A successful first attempt by the Pustaka Team, the first rocket to reach for the skies. Photo by Musa Musbah

Group photo.Photo by Musa Musbah.

Participants after an extremely successful blast-off of their respective 2nd attempts. Photo by Lo Kiun Sin

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