Saturday, July 25, 2009

MNS Miri Branch AGM 15th July 2009, KRP

This is our 13th AGM since our inception Mar 1996. Seventeen people attended with two members acting as observers. We received several nominations via email which made AGM this year rather interesting.

The AGM itself went unexpectedly fine ... we went in with nomination papers for several committee positions. Unprecedented in MNS Miri Branch 13 year history, we had 2 and 3 corner fights for several positions. All ended amicably with a very strong team set up to run the branch and our activities for the term 2009/2010.

Our new incoming office bearers and their tasks:

Nazeri Abghani
(Nature Education-CEP, Birdwatching, SPC, Website)

Sara Wong
(Treks-Trips, Birdwatching, SPC, Website)

Grace Siew Yee Len
(Nature Education-NEC, Talks)

Amer Matridi Abu Mansur Matridi
(Nature Education-NEC, Marine)

Musa Musbah

and Special Interest Group focal points to drive our activities for the coming term.

Coopted Committee:
1. Ernyza Endot (Astronomy)
2. Puteri Shariza Megat Khaled (Nature Education-KMA)
3. Sim Yuh Thin (Trips)
4. Charlie Lee & 5. Fara Abdullah (Geology)
6. Verma Vitales (Turtle Monitoring, Marine)
7. Nazur Riza (Curtin Liasson)

The Committee thanks members and friends for their support for the past term and look forward to further work on branch synergies and activities for the benefit of members and communities at large.

Here's to an exciting year a head!

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