Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Astronomy Talk and Slideshow at Pustaka Negeri Sarawak Miri Branch

Approximately 200 people turned up at CK Lim's talk and slideshow on general astronomy, stars and our universe which took place at the Auditorium of Pustaka Negeri 1400hrs. During the talk, audience learnt about the stars, the suns and moons, planets as well as our minute place in the supersized schemes of things within the bounds of our universe.

Using images he took and processed himself, CK kept the attention of the audience glued to the subject matter and did it without breaking a sweat. Now and again he effortlessly deleivered his subject matter in English and Bahasa Malaysia. "Lohong Hitam" and Black Hole are one of the same ... Musytari, Marikh and others were also received a mention or two.

The talk and slideshow ended just before 1600hrs with a short Q & A from the floor. Most from the floor were interested in extra-terrestrials and existence of life in other universe, some with questions closer to earth. We learnt the name of a type of sand on the moon that kepts the moon luminous always.

Kong Lih-Shan, Ernyza Endot of MNS Sabah and Miri respectively were on hand to assist CK in fielding some of the more obscure and mind-bending questions such as folding universe, worm-holes, time travel and the like.

At the end of the talk, MNS-BTRR Astronomy Camp participants gathered for a briefing about our overnite astronomy program before departing to Borneo Tropical Rainforest for another segment of our Astronomy Weekend. To Round Three.

Round Two : Astronomy - 1 , Weather - 0. It was still raining cats and dogs outside the auditorium, it's obvious that you can't keep dedicated astronomers down. If we can't be outside observing the stars, we can always stay indoors, talk about them and have a lively discussion on the universe without ever mentioning the crummy weather outside.

The passionate, affable and ever ready to share CK Lim, presenting materials close to his heart. This is CK's second visit to Miri and have nurtured fast friends with those in Miri since his last visit, all sharing the same passion for astronomy and educating the young about the subject.

Among the audience were Pustaka staff, Regional Manager of Pustaka Puan Salina Zawawie, representatives from SMK Lutong Astronomy Club and their adviser teacher Ms. Yee Hui Pen.

Sam Ting, an avid Miri astronomer also turned up for the talks amidst his busy schedule after having helped us at the 'show and tell' earlier in the morning. His family attended and actively participated in our overnite astronomy camp at Borneo Tropical Rainforest Resort later Saturday evening.

Our overnite astronomy campers (Michelle, Chai, Freddie and Eileen) took front row seats during the Pustaka talk eager to learn more about the universe. We learnt about regolith from this bunch during our Q & A session.

The youngest in our audience must have been about four years old sketching while her two elder sisters and mommy were fully engrossed with the subject of astronomy and distant stars.

A portion of the student audience listening intently to CK Lim as he expounds on the stars and the universe.

CK also briefly covered the moon, as well as salient points on why you shouldn't use the surface of the moon as a simile to someone's "smooth" facial features.

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