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March Updates, News and Upcoming Events

Two egrets having a great time hunting for breakfast at Lutong Beach, the Chinese Egret (blurred in the foreground) is one of the remaining 3600 left in the wild. Lutong Beach support 2-3 Chinese Egret annually.

Dear Members,

We have received no replies on the question posed to the greater membership wrt potential new activities for the membership and surrounding community. We are still open to any brilliant suggestions from all and sundry. We'd like to hear from everyone.

Please send in you suggestions and what activities you'd be partial to volunteer for and would like to see offered by MNS Miri Branch.


1. Asian Waterbird Census 2010

a) Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary, 13th February
We failed to secure authorisation from Jabatan Pelajaran Negeri Sarawak thus unable to take the 30 interested students out to a half day of birdwatching and practicals of AWC.

We conducted the AWC with 10 local Miri photo buffs, staff from Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary and several birding groupies from our Branch. It was a good outing, we secured permission to conduct an overnite survey of fireflies as well as birdlife along Sg Sibuti the SWS.

Our write up of the event:

b) Loagan Bunut, 20-21st February
We conducted AWC in Loagan Bunut with eight participants. This year we stayed at the national park Hostel which was very spacious and well equipped. Our boat for the survey around the lake on the second day was courtesy of Loagan Bunut National Park.Our highlights were sightings of 10 Oriental Darters in and around the lake. One was actually seen in action, diving into the lake!

Our write-up:

Another highlite was a possible sighting (unconfirmed) of Great-bill Heron, we'd have to go back again to confirm this. Nitewalk along the access road somehow turned out quite dismal, we did not see anything exciting other than a house gecko or two.

c) Pulau Bawai, 27th February
It was fullmoon and a nite of nighjar's galore. We had nitejars calling all nite, a couple actually flew across our camp to check us out. A few big bright eyes shining in the nite also later turned out to be nite jars.The nite being full moon nite, the morning treated us to the years lowest tide ... the sandbar extended all the way from Pulau Bawai to Kuala Baram lagoon.

Though we did not ticked as many waders as we did during previous years visit, it was a fruitful outing nonetheless. No sighting of pontianak or hantu laut recorded.

Our write-up:

This is our last AWC for this year. All write-ups and sightings to be forwarded to HOD Conservation as part of our contribution for AWC for Miri, Sarawak.

2. Lambir Treks all of February (14th, 20th, 27th Feb)
Sara, Peter, Faye and crew conducted weekly trek in Lambir covering several interesting locations within the park. They witnessed a rare event too : mass flowering and mast fruiting of dipterocarps in the area.

Sara's write-up on mass flowering:

3. Birdwatching Bukit Song 07th March
Our birdwating groupie went birding at one of our favorite haunts really early Sunday morning. Their reports still in progress.

Please check for the latest entry.


1. "Introduction to MNS" and discussion on "Wildlife In Rural Sarawak" at Curtin, 11th March
Confirmed to take place 4:30pm at Curtin University. Nazeri presenting MNS to Curtin PR students, discussing issues related to wildlife consumption and trade in rural Sarawak. Curtin members are invited to make the session more lively.

2. NREB Workshop on SCORE, 11th March in Bintulu
MNS Miri has been allocated one seat for this one day event organised by NREB to discuss a few pertinent points related to Social Environmental Impact Assessment, relocations, dams and affected rural community. Members who are interested to attend to please contact Nazeri. This is a fully sponsored trip.

We have not received any further input from organisers nor interested members.

3. Raptor Watch, 13-14th March
Maya Karin is making an appearance, hoping Rais Yatim wont be there as well!

Please check are seeking volunteers to help with Raptor Count from 20th Feb to 04th April.

Please refer to for details.

4. Nitewalk to Lambir Hills NP 20th March
A short jaunt up to 1st shelter before Latak Waterfalls to check on our creepie crawly friends. Children welcomed.

Meet : Saturday 1800 hrs Lambir Hills NP Canteen

5. Lambir Summit Trail Maintenance (overnite) March/April
We are waiting for confirmation from Lambir Hills National Park.

6. Trek/Birdwatch/Camp Similajau NP March/April
Expressions of interest are sought from members interested for the following activities in Similajau National Park:
i) trek and overnite camp Golden Beach National Park
ii) conduct firefly survey along Sg Likau
iii) birdwatch (nightjars, owls and others at nite) around park HQ

This event is likely to take place end March/April.

7. Sg Sibuti Boat Traverse for Fireflies and Birds 10-11th April
We will be doing a Congregating Fireflies Zone assessment along the traverse of Sg Sibuti to the estuary by boat. We'll be camping overnite at Kuala Sibuti before coming back early the next day. We'll start from Sibuti Wildlife Sanctuary boat jetty 4pm Saturday 10th April and expect to be back at SWS by 11am Sunday. Limited seats available, preference given to those who can champion the CFZ cause together with Musa Musbah.

8. Bkt Teraja HOB Survey with PNHS 17-18th April
We seek expressions of interest from members willing to contribute their birdwatching expertise, equipment and time to this survey led by PNHS to take place over the specified weekend in Brunei.

Those willing to contribute, please email us. The PNHS will cover the cost of food & accommodation & services as provided by the longhouse.

9. [Tentative] Batek Workshop with Malek Adenan
A repeat of a half day program making batek prints with Malek Adenan, our resident batek artist and member. Event postphone to April, exact dates and venue to be announced separately.

10. [Cancelled] Long Weekend at a Longhouse along Batang Baram
We are taken this off the list due to lack of interests from members.

11. Advance announcement :
a) Trek/Birdwatch Gunung Murud 18-23rd October 2010
This trip is confirmed, final costing is being finalised. Fly Bakelalan, trek Mt Murud, fly Miri via Lawas. Opportunity for extended birdwatching at Church camp for those who suffer from fear of heights (like Nazeri). We will be hiring guides and porters as required.

b) Trek/Birdwatch Nepal April/May 2011
Details can be viewed at MNS Miri Events on Facebook. Further details will be shared with members once Air Asia published their cheaprates for 2011. Expected costs MYR$4000.


1. A big THANK YOU to members who've taken the time to renew their membership. Those who havent, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please revert to this email if you require assistance or more information on how to renew your membership painlessly and hassle free.

You can now bank in to either Maybank (Account No: 012138304679) or HSBC (Account No: 305194920108) beneficiary name "Malaysian Nature Society". Please email notifications to

Members whose membership expires 31st Dec, and have not renewed:
Samantha Kwan

Membership of the following members expired 31st Jan, and have not renewed:
Jeit Law
Rebecca Pek

Members whose membership expires 28th Feb, and have not renewed:
Amer Matridi Abu Mansur Matridi
Chia Lee Ming, Josephine
Dominique Dodge - Wan
Elisabet Bes
Fazira Azlina Mohd Rofli
Gunaseelan N. Cumurasamy
Kiew Siew Eng (no email)
Lee Bor Seng
Len Siew Yee
Lim Geok Hoon (no email)
Mas Nur Afiqah Rabani
Mohammad Hatta Rizal Mansor
Nurashikin Ikhwan
Tan Kok Khian
Tisha-Lin Sinnathamboo
Wong Chung
Zanti Noviana

Members whose membership expires 31st March:
Sara Wong

Please take time to renew your membership, your Society needs your support. Members in Curtin can contact Sara Wong directly for renewals.

2. Please keep updated with Branch activities via our blog and Facebook
Do keep abreast with weekly activities via our blogspot especially for those quick events, they normally crystalize by Thursday latest. Go to .

For Facebook, please search for "MNS Miri".

We need writers and pictures for our blogs, Pencinta Alam, Malaysian Naturalists ... contributors area welcomed. If you think you are not great at writing, just jot something down anyway, we've got folks who can help you put out a nice story for the blog.

If you've articles, write-ups and pictures to share, please email

They can be uploaded in any of one these blogs on top of our main portal: anything on or about Loagan Bunut NP anything on or about Niah NP anything on or about Lambir Hills NP anything on or about Similajau NP anything on or about Birdwatching anything on or about Trekking or Long Walks anything on or about Fireflies in Sarawak

3. Meetings in the next months
14th Mar: MNS Bird Conservation Council Meeting at Raptor Watch, Nazeri attending
17th Apr: MNS Council Meeting in KL
20th Apr: Branch Committee Meeting at KRP

If you have any items that needed raising up at these meetings, please email us.

This update is also available on our blog shortly.
Please email any comments, suggestions to
Thank you and kindest regards,
Nazeri Abghanion behalf of MNS Miri Branch Commt

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