Wednesday, March 17, 2010

MY Garden Birdwatch


Registration for 2010 Survey now open!

Be part of the MASSIVE, first ever nationwide bird survey of its kind in Malaysia! MY GARDEN BIRDWATCH is a survey for everyone, couch potatos and city slickers, you and me.

Just go to a local patch of your choice -- gardens, parks, housing estates, cities or a favorite spot in your kampung -- and tell us which birds you see. Survey results will provide information on bird numbers and distribution, which forms the basis for conservation priorities.

Natural events like predation, diseases, earthquakes and climate change, combined with human activities such as urbanisation and forest clearing all have major impact on the wellbeing of many species of birds. We need to better understand how to strike a balance between conservation and development, and we need your help.

Simply check on the garden birds in your area, once a year. Your participation will go a long way in sussing our bird population and distribution all over Malaysia.

Please click here to get more details and find out how to sign up.

MNS Miri Branch members are encouraged to participate in this first ever concerted "MY Garden Birdwatch". If you need help to id the birds in your local patch (gardens, schoolyard, background) before the big date, please email us, we'd be glad to help out.

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