Friday, February 26, 2010

This Weekend's Activities in Miri

Malaysian Plover at Pulau Bawai from AWC 2009.

Saturday, 27-28th February AWC Pulau Bawai Overnite

Pulau Bawai is uninhabited (not by humans anyway) save for a couple of fishermen stopping by to mend their nets or catch fish. Vegetation on the islands is mainly causarina and mangrove. The island being at the estuary of Batang Baram enjoys saltwater on the westside (South China Sea) and freshwater on the eastside (Batang Baram).

There is plenty of accumulated debris in the form of logs, tree roots and tree trunks so we've got plenty of fuel for the campfire. You may get the odd Bujang Senang coming up to shore in the wee hours of the nite to hang out. In general, the island is fairly clean and presentable by Kuala Baram standards.

Meet : Shell Office Lobby 1500 hrs

We will proceed to meet with our boatman to Bawai at the old Kuala Baram jetty before pushing off at 1600hrs.

Expected activities:
1700 hrs Set up Camp and start a fire
1800 hrs Walkabout the sandbar to look for signs of life (birds, animals etc)
2000 hrs Wash-up, prepare dinner, dinner
2200 hrs Walkabout the sandbar to look for signs of life
2400 hrs Bedtime
0600 hrs Wake-up call and Walkabout the sandbar to look for signs of life
0800 hrs Breakfast
0900 hrs Pack-up
1000 hrs Get ready for pick-up

Optional activity : Fishing

27 Sat Lowest tide 0700hrs at 0.18m ; Highest tide 2200hrs at 2.17m
28 Sun Lowest tide 0700hrs at 0.23m; Highest tide 2300hrs at 2.12m

Last year we got as close as 3m to a very friendly Malaysian Plover during our nitewalks. Other equally interesting birds recorded were : White-bellied Sea Eagle, Peregrine Falcon, Grey Plover, Sanderling, Kentish Plover, Greater and Lesser Sandplover, and Gull-billed Tern. A large estuarine crocodile made an appearance at the shoreline sometime past midnite when everyone was asleep, we plan to stake it out this weekend, hopefully with the full moon we can see the fella clearly.

Costs :
We will share cost of boat, food and supplies.

What to bring :
A large hat, tent (in case it rains) or you can opt to sleep under the stars, binos, powerful torchlight, insect repellant, plenty of drinking water, fishing gear and bait if you intend to fish, a change of clothing, your favorite midnite snack, and coffee.

Please contact us via email of sms if you are interested to participate. Nazeri 0168542212 or Musa 0168746127.

Saturday, 27th February Lambir Hill Trek

After the long break over CNY surely it wont be easy for us to attempt too challenging a trek. So this weekend we'll take a breather a breather and do a shorter walk of either the Loop or going up the trail to Bukit Pantu again.

Meet : 0700 hrs Taman Awam or 0730 hrs Lambir Hills Park HQ

This will be great training opportunity for our Mt Kinabalu climb in May. With only 10 weeks left for Kinabalu, we have planned several long walks for our upcoming weekend treks in the effort to build up strengths and stamina required for an enjoyable execution of the climb up Mt Kinabalu.

If you are unable to come for the weekly hill walking, please take time to train up your leg muscles by doing sets of lunges and squats, climbing up and down stairs, etc. To increase the overall stamina / fitness, you should also incorporate some other forms of aerobic or cardio workout in your exercise regime.

Please contact Sara Wong directly to participate in this trek.

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