Thursday, January 14, 2010

This weekend's events in MNS Miri

Saturday 16th January : Trek Bukit Pantu, Lambir Hills National Park

Meet: Taman Awam or Lambir Hills NP HQ
Time: 0800 HRS or 0830 HRS respectively depending on your preferred meeting place.

This will be a 6km trek up Bukit Pantu, come prepared with good shoes, water, snacks, leech deterrant and perhaps a poncho in case of rain. Sara leading.

Sunday, 17th January : AWC 2010 : Curtin University Area

Meet : Curtin University Guardhouse
Time : 0600 HRS

Bring your favorite birdbook, bino and notebook. We are counting waterbirds and any other birds associated with the wetlands. Come do your bit of citizen science for birds and conservation of bird habitat. Musa/Steve leading.

Brown Shrike.

Email or sms Musa at 0168746127.

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