Thursday, January 14, 2010

Raptor Study Group descending on Miri

An "MNS-BCC Raptor Study Group & ARRCN Raptor Identification Workshop and Survey" is being planned to take place in Kuching by the MNS-BCC Raptor Study Group and ARRCN , 20-21st March 2010 in Kuching, Sarawak.

In relation to the workshop, there'll be the following visits by members of the Raptor Study Group with the objectives of conducting recce for raptor migration routes, and familiarisation visit to birding sites in and around Northern Sarawak.

1) Kho Swee Seng, Carol, Nina and David Lai will be covering Miri and Bario 28th January - 02nd February 2010

a) Kuala Baram and Miri, Thursday, 28th Jan
b) Bario, Friday-Monday, 29th Jan- 01st Feb
c) Lambir Hills National Park, Monday-Tuesday 01st Feb-02nd Feb.

2) Lim Aun Tiah will descend on Bintulu, Similajau NP and Niah NP between 22nd March - 25th March

a) Bintulu and Similajau National Park, Monday-Tuesday, 22nd - 23rd March
b) Niah National Park, Wednesday, 24th March
c) Miri, Thrusday, 25th March

MNS members, raptor afficionadoes and birdwatchers from the northern region are hereby invited to join them on the above dates. It's not often opportunity like this surfaces for folks in and around the northern region, why not make a bee-line to the sites above and get a detailed low down on raptors and birds in general for the guru themselves.

Depending on the level of interests and distribution of raptors in the area, we may be organising a second Raptor workshop here in Miri during the autumn migration Aug/Sep 2010.

If you have any further questions, please email them to

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