Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Branch January Updates and News

AWC 2010 Plans
Dear Members,

Happy New Year! How time flies, wish u and family all the best for 2010. May there be more happiness and joy in all your undertakings this year.


1. Committee Meeting, 11th Nov

2. Discussions on MNS Miri Strategic Plans 2010-2012, 18th Nov
Our strategic plans are almost in it's final form. This will be presented to Council 16th Jan 2010.

3. "Blood in the Water-Mini Expedition to Ulu Baram", 02nd Dec
A presentation of pictures and issues surrounding Bajawi and Ulu Baram in general.

4. Talk and Slideshow " Introduction to Coral Reefs in Miri", 05th Dec
Kumar, Amer and Tisha presented "Introduction to Reefs " at Pustaka Miri flawlessly. A repeat of this is planned for the school crowd in Mar and June.

5. Fireflies Survey and Training, Kuching, 5-6th Dec
Musa came back from the course all excited and intent on covering some of the rivers in Miri, Bekenu, and Niah to check out the fireflies there. Watch this space! We've created for firefly information sharing.

6. Firefly Recce conducted for possible Congregating Fireflies Zones (CFZ)
The following recce trips were executed by Musa in preparation for firefly surveys that have been planned from March onwards.
Miri River, Miri 15th Dec
Kawang River, Sibuti 23rd Dec
Nusah River, Niah 26th Dec
Hunai River, Bekenu 29th Dec

7. AWC 2010 Recce Bungai Swamps, 6th Dec
We went further than planned. Bungai swamps offered a few birds but not many, most of the landscape was criss-crossed with waterways which leads to the main rivers. We did stumble on a new spot for birdwatching.

8. Basic Photoshop and Webby Workshop For Committee and Members, 09th Dec
Those who attended touched on the basics of photochopping and how to create blogs.

9. Bakelalan Short Jaunt 12-14th Dec
For such a short weekend we did plenty: attended a wedding, birdwatched, trekked, picked fruits and counted Gemini meteor shower. And also made a few new friends along the way.

10. Birdwatching at Jakat-Empaling, Lambir, 20th Dec
Led by Musa Musbah. Notable find: Black Magpie

11. Birdwatching at Sibuti Landfill, Bekenu 25th Dec
Led by Musa Musbah. Notable find: a big congregation of egrets.

12. Long Lamai X-Mas and New Year 26th Dec-03rd Jan
We've gone and came back. An eye-opening walkabout in Upper Baram spending time with the Penan communities in Long Lamai (4D/3N) and Kenyah in Long Tungan (1D/1N) and Loh Moh (3D/2N). We had Long Banga airport to ourselves for 2D/2N. Watch for our write-up.

13. Birdwatching at Bkt Song, Lambir NP, 03rd Jan
Led by Steve. A close encounter with the kind that carries guns in the NP illegally!


1. Asian Waterbird Census 2010 Jan-Feb

a) Go-Kart Lakes 9-10th Jan
Musa and Steve leading.

b) Curtin Lakes 16-17th Jan
Musa and Sara leading.

c) Kpg Masjid Prawn Farms 23-24th Jan
Nazeri and Steve leading.

d) Kuala Baram 30-31st Jan
Musa and Nazeri leading. We maybe camping on the sandbar, weather and tide permitting.

e) Sundar, Lawas 5-7th Feb
Nazeri and Norzie leading. An overnite trip, members to book flights to and from Lawas on the dates specified.

f) Loagan Bunut, 20-21st Feb
Musa and Steve leading. An overnite trip to the NP. We'll take boatrides to survey the lakes for birds.

g) Pulau Bawai Camping, 27-28th Feb
Musa leading. We will be camping on the island to watch the birds.

2. [Tentative] Long Weekend at a Longhouse along Batang Baram
One of our member has extended to members of MNS Miri a quite weekend longhouse experience. Expressions of interest is duly sought from members who'd like to spend a couple days relaxing with a longhouse community by the riverside, the Tuai Rumah will be our host. Since the dates have not yet been set, members can specify "best" dates based on their preferences.


1. A big THANK YOU to members who've taken the time to renew their membership.
Those who havent, please do so at your earliest convenience. Please inform us if you require assistance or more information on how to renew your membership painlessly and hassle free.

You can now bank in to either MNS Maybank or HSBC accounts.

Membership for the following members expired 31st October:
Adrienne Marcus Raja-reminded
Bejay Ugon - renewed
Jia Jiun Law - renewed
Nurhazwani Abdul Munaf - renewed
Elisabet Wee Siew Siew-reminded
Yong Kah Hian - renewed
Sim Yuh Thin - reminded

Membership of the following members are expiring 30th November:
Ellen Macarthur - renewed
Richard Kho-reminded
Lucas Johny - renewed

Membership of the following members are expiring 31st December:
Anura Dason-reminded
Samantha Kwan-reminded
Charlie Lee -renewed
Musa Musbah -renewed
Nurziana Abdullah Sani -renewed
Rosie Kassim- reminded

Membership of the following members are expiring 31st Jan:
Azeeza Bujang,
Jeit Law,
Rebecca Pek,
Rohaya Amat Dollah,
Ting King King.

Members, please take time to renew your membership. Your Society needs your continued support.

Expired membership from Oct, Nov, will be removed from the mailing list as of this update.

2. Blogspot and Facebook
Keep updated with Branch activities via our blog( and Facebook (search for "MNS Miri"). We need writers and pictures for our blogs, Pencinta Alam, Malaysian Naturalists ... contributors welcomed.If you've articles, write-ups and pictures to share on our blog, please email

3. Meetings in the next months
9th Jan: MNS Bird Conservation Council Meeting KL, Nazeri attending
16th Jan : MNS Council Meeting KL, Nazeri attending
20th Jan : Miri Branch Committee Meeting KRP

If you have any items that needed raising up at these meetings, please email us.

4. News
Amer, our Branch Treasurer will be taking new challenges in West Malaysia and will be leaving us as of 08th Jan. His duties as treasurer will be taken up by one of our other committee member until further notice. On behalf of the committee, we'd like to wish Amer all the best in his new endeavours and hoping that he's stay active in the Society by linking up with our buddies in our Negeri Sembilan/Malacca Branch.

Please email any comments, suggestions to

Thank you and kindest regards,
Nazeri Abghani
on behalf of MNS Miri Branch Commt

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