Friday, February 4, 2011

Peatswamp Forest Development in Sarawak 2005-2010

Click on map and zoom for a full size view, courtesy of Sarvision.

An increasing part of Malaysia’s palm oil is produced at the account of huge areas of tropical peatswamp forests. Especially in the Malaysian state of Sarawak, expansion of oil palm plantations may lead to the complete loss of these vast, unique forests by the end of this decade. This is shown by new figures from Wetlands International and Sarvision.

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Closer to home near Miri in the Northern Division:

Peatswamp distribution courtesy of Sarvision.

Google map of Northern Division.

Images taken from commercial De-Havilland Twin Otter flights Miri-Bario, Miri-Lawas, Miri-Mukah would not show something further than that already shown by the maps above:

Image from a northerly flight north to Bario.

The meandering banks of the mighty Batang Baram, plantations creeping in, much of Kuala Baram peatswamp has already been developed or in the process of conversion.

All neat in a row after row after row ... notice the imprint of a river?

From a flight northwards to Lawas.

Peatswamps is not the only habitat waylaid, others suffer similar fate in the quest more plantations in Sarawak.

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A realisation of what's taking place in Kuala Baram was blogged recently here.

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