Friday, December 25, 2009

Our Ulu Walkabout

We gave up 7D/6N SgNiah-Sg Suai Walkabout and Coastal Camping for a 7D/6N Ulu Walkabout. This will be one of many of our planned forays to the interior for 2010.

Our intended itenarary:

Miri - Long Banga - Long Lamai - Lio Matoh - Long Tungan - Long Selaan - Long Moh - Long Aeng - Long Ajeng - Long Lamam - Long Banga - Miri

We'll only be passing thru some places, spending a couple of nites in others.

It'll be our first great opportunity to sample the ulu sceneries, lifestyles and soak in the ulu vibes so often spoken, written about these days; as well as to reconnect with old friends and make new ones.

Bags are packed, leech socks ready ...

An original inhabitant of the ulu from days gone by. Photo (c) D. B. Ellis 1975 "The Malayan Nature Journal", Volume 28 (1974/75), Part 3 & 4 June 1975.

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