Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Do May 2010

The following away-events are being planned for MNS Miri and MNS Sabah members and any other MNS members in the vicinity and within the same time zones:

1) Mount Kinabalu Climb 14-16th May
2) Birdwatching at Kinabalu National Park 14-16th May
3) Astronomy and Stargazing in Kinabalu National Park and Kundasang 14-16th May

Interested participants are to email mnsmiri@yahoo.com to register. Participants are responsible for their own flights to KK, we may be able to organise transport from KK to our base at or nearby Kinabalu NP if participation numbers warrants it.

The following are details as we have them today:
1. Mount Kinabalu Summit Climb 14 - 16th May 2010

Sara has booked the 3D2N package for 6 person for the 3rd weekend (15 May).

Additional cost for climbers are as follows:
RM539 per person for Malaysian
RM758 per person for Foreigner

Package includes :
2 nights accommodation (1 night at Grace Hostel, 1 night at Laban Rata Guesthouse - with heater), 7 meals, climbing permit fee and insurance.

Package does not include:
Park entrance fee, guide fee, transportation to and fro Timpohon Gate and porter fee (optional).

Flight and transportation to and fro the Park at your own cost.

The booking has to be paid within 7 days (on 8 Dec). Not much time!!!

Places are limited as you can see, those interested to please contact Sara Wong directly ASAP.

2. Birdwatching at Kinabalu Park, 14-16th May (non-climbers)

Accomodation at the Park are rather pricey ie.

1. $400++/nite for the Annex Suite which fits 4 (two on kingsize beds, 1 on daybed, 1 on the floor) which includes 3 breakfast.
2. $700++/nite for the Nepenthes Villa which fits 6-8 (1 room with 1 kingsize bed, 1 room 2 twin beds and a large living room which can fit 4 on the floor).

Options outside the park are also available ie.
1. Kundasang Fairy Garden Resort just outside the Park.
2. Coronade Inn in Kundasang.

Participants are responsible for their own accomodation booking unless they opt for intimate group accomodation inside the Park (cost to be shared). You are also welcomed to make your own booking at any other establishment most convenient to you.

For birdwatching, we will meet every morning 0630hrs and 1600hrs in front the Annex, we expect to cover the main looping routes in the Park.

Please contact Nazeri Abghani for more details on birdwatching activities.

3. Astronomy and Stargazing, 14-16th May (non-climbers)

We will be inviting our favorite astronomers Lim Choo Kiat and Kong Lih-Shan for this event. Detailed program is still being finalised, participants will be notified once this becomes available.

Please see Birdwatching above for available accomodation options.

For astronomy activities, we will gather at 2100 hrs after dinner at the Park canteen or Coronade Inn parking lot.

Please contact Ernyza Endot for astronomy and stargazing activities.

MASWINGs flight schedule to Kota Kinabalu for members flying from Miri/Kota Kinabalu,
MH3200 Miri-Kota Kinabalu ETD 09:10 ETA 10:05 MYR 150.00
MH3196 Miri-Kota Kinabalu ETD 14:10 ETA 15:05 MYR 150.00
MH3214 Miri-Kota Kinabalu ETD 17:10 ETA 18:05 MYR 150.00
MH3208 Miri-Kota Kinabalu ETD 21:05 ETA 22:00 MYR 150.00

MH3201 Kota Kinabalu-Miri ETD 07:50 ETA 08:45 MYR 150.00
MH3255 Kota Kinabalu-Miri ETD 13:05 ETA 14:00 MYR 150.00
MH3215 Kota Kinabalu-Miri ETD 15:50 ETA 16:45 MYR 150.00
MH3207 Kota Kinabalu-Miri ETD 20:40 ETA 21:35 MYR 150.00

Air Asia flight sechedule and costs as follows:
AK 6072 Miri-Kota Kinabalu ETD 13:35 ETA 14:20 MYR 39.00
AK 6076 Miri- Kota Kinabalu ETD 14:45 ETA15:35 MYR 48.00

AK 6071 Kota Kinabalu_Miri ETD 07:40 ETA 08:30 MYR39.00
AK 6075 Kota Kinabalu-Miri ETD 13:30 ETA 14:20 MYR 48.00

Flights to/from Kota Kinabalu, food and transport to Kinabalu National Park are your own cost.

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