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Miri Branch September Update

Dear Members,

Apologies to all for a late update this month ... things are piling up as usual! There's another whole pile of events coming up in Sep and October too!


1. Reefcheck Presentation at Committee Meeting, 29th July
Committee members were feted with a presentation of a Reefcheck initiatives by Peter Hayes and branch members involved with the project. The Reefcheck project members has agreed to adopt Community Outreach as another important facet to their activities.

2. NiteWalk at Lambir Hills 31st July
Peter, Musa, Jia Jiun and family had a great time roaming around in the dark at Lambir. Several new and interesting sounds were heard that might be worth further investigations by more trips in the dark of Lambir.

Photo by Musa Musbah

3. Tusan Fossil Hunt and Changes in Sea Level 01st August

Participants were Miri branch members as well as Curtin University students. Charlie and Maarten did another great service to geology and our general understanding of sea level changes. There were a few fossils to collect too.

4. Turtle Monitoring Trip Pulau Talang-talang, 3-6th August
Aidil, King King and Nazeri participated in a Turtle Monitoring Program on Talang-talang island near Kuching for four days. This is in collaboration with Salco as part of an exposure trip for a potential similar program in Similajau.

5. Lambir Hills Trek to Tengkorong Waterfalls, 8th August
The trekking team had to back out due to strong winds in the middle of their trek.

6. Lambir Hills Trek to Tengkorong Waterfalls, 15th August 2nd attempt.
Sara and Jaap made it to the waterfall and back in record time ... even the leeches didn't have time enough time to latch on.

7. Pantu Buri Birdwatching, 15th August
Steve, Marijke, Musa and Nazeri explored a new site for birdwatching. And what a rewarding site it was. Further visits were later made by Steve, Saw Sian, Musa and Rosie 15th August to reveal a further interesting array of birds over one small area. This will definitely be one of our new favorite birding site.

8. Julan Falls Trek 17-22th August
Sara and Grace came back from this trek organised by MNS Selangor with tall stories on waterfalls, leeches and wildboar! We are waiting for a write-up and pictures! We may have also found a new place to hang-out over long weekends other than Bario, yep you guessed it: Long Akah!

9. Bario revisit 29-31st August
Two families had a frolicking funtime trekking in and around Bario, youngest trekker was 3 years old!!!

10. Maliau Basin Trekking 29th Aug - 03rd September
Sara, Mike and two friends from Kuching did Maliau Basin, the trek comes highly recommended with plenty of wildlife to see along the trails and campsites. All thumbs up!

11. Campout Kuala Baram Sandbar 5-6th September
Musa, Nazeri, Mike and JJ braved the knee-deep mud, a downpour and armies of mozzies and sandflies for great views for sunset, sunrise, Caspian Tern, Whimbrel, Gull-billed Tern and Malaysian Plover alongside with other waders liek Terek Sandpiper, Greenshank, Egrets, Lesser Sandpover, Greater Sandplover and Pacific Golden Plover. The sun got a wee bit too hot by 10am, we left the sandbars 15min short of 11 just as the tide was rising.


1. Similajau Trekking over Hari Raya over long break 20-22nd September
Sara is organising a group outing to trek Golden Beach during the raya break. There'll be trekking, birdwatching and river cruise looking for crocodiles. Accomodation option is limited, please book a place with Sara early if you are interested.

Drive in Chalet: $75/chalet can fit 4-6 person

Hostel :$15/bed or $40/room which can accomodate 4 persons.
Other costs are on shared basis.

We need to arrange car-pooling, so call early!

2. MNS 62nd National AGM at BTRR, Lambir 25-27th September
Twenty of our members are participating in this event together with members from MNS branches all over the country.

25th September
1100 Arrival of delegates
1300 Lunch at BTRR

Optional activities for members:
a) 1400 Explore BTRR trails,
b) 1500 Birdwatching at BTRR Session 1

1900 Dinner at BTRR
2000 Presentation by Miri Branch

26th September
0630 Breakfast

Optional Activities for Members:
a) 0800 Walk in Lambir Hill NP with Peter Pillai, Miri members to meet at Lambir Hills NP. Meet at Lambir Hills NP Canteen 0800AM. Innoue, Pantu, Latak and back
b) 0800 Birdwatching around BTRR Session 2,

1100 Check-in BTRR
1200 Lunch at BTRR
1300 Start Briefing and Registration
1330 AGM Registration
1400 Commencement of AGM
1600 Tea break
1630 Continue AGM
1800 End AGM
1930 Dinner
2030 Presentation on Ba Jawi
2100 Discussions on Sarawak

Ba Jawi, photo by Jungle Jim

27th September
0630 Breakfast

Optional Activities for Members:-
a) 0800 Day Trip to Niah Caves National Park with Peter Pillai and Amer.
b) 0800 Birdwatching at BTRR session3

1200 Check-out from BTRR

Available packages:
AGM only (26th with lunch and tea) $45/pp
2D/1N (26th-27th) AGM package in Engkabang Room $280/pp twin sharing
3D/2N(25th-27th) AGM package in Engakang Room $485/pp twin sharing
3D/2N (25th-27th) AGM package in Hostel $177/pp including all meals
2D/1N (26-27th) AGM package in Hotel $103/pp including all meals.

Please email if are you interested to attend. Activities planned over the 3days are FOC.

3. Kuching Mini Birdrace 04th October
The Mini Bird Race 2009 will be held in the Highlands of Penrissen Range. Located as the world's oldest and second largest tropical rainforest, Penrissen Range sits more than 1,000 metres above sea level in between Kalimantan and Sarawak . A total of 163 species of birds have so far been sighted in this area including endermic species plus other interesting birds.

Checkout the details and contact numbers :

4. Borneo Bird Festival 10-15th October
There is a new event, the first of its kind - The Borneo Bird Festival (BBF) 2009 will be unveiled on 10th Ocotber 2009 at the Rainforest Discovery Centre (RDC) in Sandakan, Sabah, Malaysia.

The BBF aims to promote bird conservation and raise awareness. Slotted for 6 days, the event will be launched on 10th October. Activities will include a Conference, Workshops on Photography Techniques, Wildlife Art & Sketching, Bird Race, Guided Walks, Bird Tours, local students programmes and activities, children's colouring competition and games, night walks and exhibitions.

Find out more details at this url:

5. MoonCake Fest at Curtin (astronomy) 1st or 2nd week October
Actual dates to be firmed up by Ernyza and Aju.

6. Birdwatching Walkabout on Campus (Curtin) 1st or 2nd week October.
Actual dates to be firmed up by Aju.

1. A warm wlecome to all our new members, we look forward to seeing you in one of our events one of these days.

2. Keep updated with Branch activities via our blog ( and Facebook (search for "MNS Miri"). If you've articles, write-ups and pictures to share on our blog, please email

3. Membership renewal. The following members's subsription is about to expire (Oct 2009):

Adrienne Marcus Raja
Bejay Ugon
Jia Jiun Law
Masatoshe Sone
Nurhazwani Abdul Munaf
Terry Justin Dit
Elisabet Wee Siew Siew
Yong Kah Hian
Karim Madoya
Sim Yuh Thin
Lim Teck Huat
Mary Foley

Members, please take time to renew your membership. If you need assistance, please contact us, we'll make it as painless and hassle free as much as we can. Your Society needs your continued support.

Thank you. Till next month.

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