Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Conclusion of the 62nd MNS National AGM at BTRR hosted by MNS Miri

Dear Members,

Please allow me be the first to congratulate all members for turning our AGM the way we wanted it to turn out. Well Done!

All of the delegates I've spoken to, Council Members included were most impressed with the great facilities, good food, fabulous fieldtrips and breadth of issues covered at this AGM we hosted.

We have successfully pushed for the following Sarawak-related items at the AGM to be included in upcoming Council deliberations, actions and MNS work for the coming year:

(a) Action plan for Sarawak - discussion mooted by James Cherian, VC-MNS Selangor
(b) Reconsider Sime Darby's position as Corporate Member in light of potentially environmentally damaging 64,000 hectares of land for oil palm plantation - discussion mooted by MNS Miri
(c) MNS Green Points Audit (green kpi) for Corporate members in the effort to make corporate members more green. Thank you to member Yong Kah Hian, MNS Miri for raising this issue up many moons ago.

Thank you to Henry, Jeit and staff of BTRR for catering to all our whims and fancies while at BTRR and accomodating to all our requests. The staff must have had a busier than usual weekend. Thanks as well for letting us use every useful empty space at the resort to exhibit our "101 Birds" exhibition by Choo Tse Chien and friends.

Thank you to the following members for attending the AGM:
Sara Wong, Musa Musbah, Rosie Kassim, Anura Dason, Nurashikin Ikhwan, Samantha Kwan, Puteri Shariza Megat Khalid, Kumareson Paranthaman, Tisha Lin, Amer Matridi Abu Mansu Matridi, Lim Teck Huat, Wong Yuk Choi, Sim Wan Chee, Sim Yuh Thin, Clarissa Loke, Rabani Ayub (MNS Sabah), and Peter Pillai.

Many thanks as well to those who stayed on to participate in the AGM discussions as well as actively contributing to the ensuing late-nite sessions on "Ba Jawi" and "Action Plans for Sarawak".

Many thanks as well to all attendees who've donated their registration fee cash-back to the branch, $22.50 per attending member.

Special thanks go to the following people:
(a) Choo Tse Chien for carting all the artwork to Miri.-Peter Pillai and Rabani Ayub for leading the Lambir Pre-Trip Walk in Lambir NP the morning of the AGM.
(b) Peter Pillai and Amer for leading the Niah Day Trip post AGM. These two managed to raise another $250 for MNS Miri Branch!
(c) Rabani Ayub for leading the Bario Post AGM trip.

Thank you all again for a successful AGM. Without your support and unwavering commitment, we would not have been able to conclude our national AGM on a high note as we have done. To all those involved "Well Done!"

kindest regards,
Nazeri Abghani,
on behalf of MNS Miri

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