Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Suai-Nyalau Walk 24-26th April

This trip is a continuation of our December Long Walk to cover the Suai-Nyalau leg, a section we omitted previously.

We will be spending one nite in Kpg Kuala Suai to get to know the approximately 20 house village, an another nite in Kpg Kuala Nyalau. We hope to be able to show the villages some pictures and movies of our journey through the coastal section during our stay with the villages. We are hoping to visit the 112 year old crocodile shaman and family is Suai and talk about crocodiles an dhis craft.

We will also be doing one full day of walking from Kpg Kuala Suai to Kpg Kuala Nyalau, a section of approximately 20-25kms. We will definitely stop by the famed Tanjong Payung and delve deeper into the legend and myth of the place.

Our general itenarary:

24th April Friday
1300 hrs Meet in Bekenu town for supplies and fuel
Travel to Suai bridge to meet our boatmen
1500 hrs Travel to Kpg Suai by boat along Sg Suai,
Spend the day photographing this 20 house village
Visit Crocodile Shaman
Spend the nite with Tuai Rumah Kpg Suai

25th April Saturday
0630 hrs Take a boat across Sg Suai,
Walk to Kuala Nyalau,
1100 hrs Check-out Tg Payung
1800 hrs Check-in Kuala Nyalau Resort
2000 hrs Slideshow
Overnite in Kuala Nyalau Resort ($100/person)

26th April Sunday
0630 hrs Breakfast at Resort
0800 hrs Explore Tanjong Haik
1100 hrs Lunch at Resort
1230 hrs Travel to Miri

Combined photography and trek across fishing villages of rural Sarawak. Watch this space, photographs and stories to follow.

Pak Yusop Gayu of Kpg Suai and Kpg Muhibbah (he keeps two houses!)

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