Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baby Owl in Kampung Kuala Nyalau

Walking around in Kampung Kuala Nyalau last weekend we stumbled upon a baby owl holed up in a large wiremeshed box under a shed, we think it was for sale. It could've been a nestling "saved" by a villager in the hope of either keeping it as a pet or to be sold as one.

What do you do when encountered with such a situation? Release the bird to the wild to certain death. A juvenile who has yet to be trained for a life in the jungle will find it difficult to find food. Its survival in the wild is extremely chancy at best, death by predator or death by starvation.

The other option isn't too hot either. To be kept in captivity till adulthood, kept as a pet and regularly fed what humans think is appropriate. If it's lucky, it'll survive till adulthood in a caged environment. And what happens after that? Who will be teaching it the skills to survive on it's own as nature intended it to.

This is only one example, there are others.

A leopard cat saved from forest clearing kept till adulthood spends his entire life in a cage under a longhouse. A beautiful specimen not meant to live the life it's living. It doesn't deserve to die either.

A Malayan civet cat kept as a pet temporarily surviving on fruits and bananas.

A young tarsier who got lost and found itself scrambling the gates of a bungalow in a dense residential area.

A juvenile crocodile kept as pet after it was found trapped in fishing net.

The list goes on ...

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