Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trek and Birding along a Logging Trail Near Lambir Hills

We had 14 people including 4 children trudging thru a worn double track that traverse up a ridge just outside Lambir, Sunday 08th March for this event.

We gradually reached the top at 80m with great view of Lambir Summit. There were numerous animal tracks along the pathway as well as several species of birds.

A pair of Buff-vented Woodpecker, Green Pigeons, two pairs of Chestnut Malkoha and an unidentified eagle made a special appearance. Yellow and Black Broadbill and Red-bearded Bee-eater were only heard. We missed the falconets and Brown Barbets this time around.

Though our start was rather early circa 0700 hrs, it took us just over 1.5 hrs to reach the peak. We took another hour to get back to our cars.

Thanks to all members and friends who participated in this event. Perhaps next round we can explore fully the trail from start to end ... a whole day trekking, any takers?

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