Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Batek with Malek at Lambir Hills National Park

Batek with Malek was held at Lambir Hills National Park, 07th March 2009. It went rather well ... we went batek with 14 adults and 13 children! The adults had as much fun creating their very own works of art as the younger participants did.

We started early on Saturday morning at our usual meeting point, Lambir Hills National Park canteen for registration and general briefing. The first half of the morning had participants doing light trekking along the main trail to spot typical patterns in nature. Participants were briefed on myriads of possibilities that can be transferred to batek print. Malek was also on hand to poin to typical partterns and inspiration used by batek artists.

An 1.5 hrs later participants trekked back to the canteen for some hands-on batek action.

At the workshop, Malek had the set-up perfected to a T. The hot plate heating the wax, the iron and the batek templates. Participants were given options to start from scratch and draw their own patterns and scenes or use one of the templates that had already been created by Malek.

Malekwas as busy as a bee trying to get the rest of the process perfect to a tack. There were hot-wax involved, the artisit himself took charge of that. After the initial tracing, the painting begun.

The children came up with some very neat work. A sampling of the work produced and their artists presented below.

Thanks to all parents and chilren who participated in the "Batek with Malek" workshop, a KidsXplore Nature Workshop series aimed at instilling insightful learning and getting close to nature for children and parents.

A special thanks to our batek artist, Malek Adenan for taking time from his busy schedule to be with us. For parents and children wishing to get private lessons, Malek is available for individulaised lessons.

Please contact Malek at : 0138399695

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