Monday, July 9, 2012

MNS Miri Branch Committee 2012/2013

MNS Miri Branch AGM was successfully held on 7 July 2012 at Lambir National Park. A big THANK YOU to members who attended the AGM for your continuous support. With that, the term for 2011/2012 has come to a close and a new branch committee was elected for 2012/2013.

With your support and participation, we look forward to sustain MNS's presence in Miri.  
Do feel free to mail us at for any suggestions or feedback. We certainly hope to hear from you. 

Special thanks to the Branch Committee of 2011/2012.  

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  1. Congratulatios to the new committee, many thanks to outgoing committee. Hoping to see some 2012-2013 plans from the new committee soon, "diamond in the rough"/"broadbrush strokes" so to say to see the branch through till the next AGM in 2013.