Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Farewell 2011... Bring on 2012 !

As we bring 2011 to a close, here’s a snapshot of activities in the last 5 months:

- Similajau Beach Walk
- Visit to Niah Caves
- Bukit Pantu Hike
- Trek at Bukit Shahbandar National Park

- Trek at Dinding Trail, Lambir National Park
- Tusan Beach and Caves Walk
- Community Outreach at Ba’kelalan
- Star Trail and Astro Photography Session in Suai

- Bukit Pantu Nature Walk, Lambir National Park
- Community Education Program at SK Lepong Ajai with SFC Lambir
- Trekking at Gunung Irau, Cameron Highlands

- Road Trip and Trek at Kinabalu National Park
- Mesilau Loop Walk and Birdwatching in Sepilok
- Lunar Eclipse Viewing at Tusan
- Trekking at Lambir National Park

A big THANK YOU to all members who participated in these events and we certainly hope to see you rearing to go come next year. Here’s a head’s up on a couple of dates to watch out for:

1. Asian Waterbird Census
Asian Waterbird Census, AWC is an annual waterbird census carried out by volunteers at various sites thoughout Asia. MNS Miri Branch has a small band of birdwatchers who will be participating in AWC again this year. Participation in the census is sought from all branch members and the public interested to know more about waterbirds and birds in general. The following are confirmed dates and location:

07th January - South Kuala Baram Lagoon
08th January - North of Kuala Baram Lagoon
14th January - Curtin Lakes Area
21st January - Kpg Masjid Kuala Baram

For new updates and more details of the visits above and AWC in general, please refer to:


2. Sarawak Waterbirds Survey Project Community Outreach at Similajau National Park in collaboration with Sarawak Forestry Corporation Bintulu, 11 – 12 February 2012.

Please visit this blog and our Facebook page for any new updates (especially the occasional weekend treks) and do contact us if you have queries or better yet if you’re keen to organize activities with us. Feel free to pass this along to like minded non-members as well. Lastly, please keep us posted on any change of e-mail addresses as we certainly would like to keep in touch.

Many thanks and wishing you Happy Holidays.
MNS Miri Branch 2011 / 2012 Committee

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