Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Trek at Dinding Trail, Lambir National Park

Time to shed the excess pounds from the holidays. Join us for a trek to Dinding Waterfalls at Lambir National Park.

Date : 10 September 2011
Time : 0700 hrs (Taman Awam - if you wish to car pool) or 0730 hrs at Lambir National Park car park.

The Dinding Trail is anticipated to take approximately 6 - 7 hours so please do come prepared i.e. sufficient water, proper shoes, insect repellant, energy boosters (dates, nuts, cookies etc.), raincoat and park fee.

Mail us at if you're interested. Do let us know if you're joining us so that we'll have your contact details should there be any last minute change of plans.

Photograph sourced from The Star Online

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