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Branch April Update

View of the night skies in Kampung Kuala Suai. Being away from the bright lights of the city afford infinite gaze into the heavens, more people need to experience close unimpeded views such as this more regularly.


Many of us have gotten the election bug and been following closely the election groupies that's been coming and going through Miri. Notwithstanding that fact life goes on for the rest of us. Here's a review of past event items as well several exciting in the community activities for our members. Come join us ang get hands on with literally delivering on out mission by particiapting in some of these events!


18th Mar : Nitewalk at Lambir Hills National Park
Led by Kamil, those that took part saw probably the biggest arboreal tarantula the ever did see. We also stumbled upon Luciola anceyi, a firefly larvae not before sighted. Checkout what it looks like here. Thank you to Peter for organising and Kamil for locating Lambir specialties!

19th Mar: CFZ of Sg Teru
We completed CFZ Sg Teru with some surprising results despite getting soaking wet getting it. We recorded synchronising fireflies with sizable numbers (>200 individuals) along Sg Teru which borders the Loagan Bunut NP. Had it not been for the heavy rain, our team would've gone further.
We also did some early morning birdwatching around the lake the morning after.

25th Mar : Launch of SMK Lutong Birdclub at SMK Lutong
Thirty young students from SMK Lutong are now full-fledge members of of the Birdwatching Club, first in Miri if not Sarawak.

26-27th March : CFZ Survey and Monitoring Workshop at Similajau National Park
We recorded the occurence of three species of Pteroptxy ie. P. bearni, P. tener and P. malaccae along Sg Similajau during the field survey component of the workshop. Twenty people participated with Sonny Wong, Dr Mahadi Menakbar Dawood facilitating.

02-03rd April: CFZ of Sg Suai
We recorded a sevral synchronising display trees and several crocodiles along the way to Kpg Kuala Suai. Our intention to camp on the beach was dashed when Pak Rahim and the Ketua Kampong insisted we stayed at their house, complete with proper rooms, bed with beddings and a proper bathroom. What luxury, that evening Sara and Joyce cooked up a storm with the veggies we picked up along the the way.

CANCELLED : Photography Workshop in Lambir with William Ting
This was unfortunately cancelled due to conflicting schedules of our resource, WIlliam Ting. We'll endeavour to organise a replacement photography workshop one of these days. Keep your eyes peeled!

09th April : "Sarawak's Sweetheart : Orang Utan Conservation Campaign" at Pustaka Miri.
SFC Miri Regional Office, MNS Miri and Pustaka Miri collaborated to bring Orang Utan closer to our young children. Preceded by a coloring contests, teh talk drew approximately 140 students and parents from all over Miri town. Three top prizes were awarded to the winning artwork. MNS Miri also welcomes 5 new members at the event.

13th April : Eco Diver Training
1930hrs-2130hrs. We ran our 1st Eco Diver training session covering that was attended by 3 qualified divers. The 3 trainees will progress with the training to qualify as Eco Divers to participate in Reef Check surveys.


18th April : Eco Diver Training

1930hrs-2130hrs at PBC’s Ward Room. We’ll be running our 2nd Eco Diver training session. This training is open to all qualified divers with DAN (or equivalent diving insurance) who would like to volunteer to participate in Reef Check surveys on Miri’s coral reefs upon completion of the EcoDiver training. For those interested pls email for more information.

16th and 22nd April : Net Clearing at Siwa 4A
A long fishing net snagged at the Siwa reefs but floating up in the water was reported by divers on the 9th of April. Unfortunately the divers reported quite a number of fish caught in the abandoned net as well as 2 juvenile reef sharks and 1 coral cat shark. We will be organizing net clearing dives over 2 weekends via the PBC. Non-PBC members but are qualified divers with DAN (or equivalent diving insurance) are welcome to join in for this net clearing dives. For those interested pls email for more information.

23rd April : Community Outreach in Kpg Kuala Nyalau*
0900hrs-1700hrs. We'll be spending a day with the children and young people (and their parents) of Kpg Kuala Nyalau. Main themes would be river ecosystem conservation, fireflies, waterbirds, wetlands and our coral reefs. Other than our usual talks and slideshow, we are hoping to make the day interesting for everyone.

30th April : Community Outreach in Kpg Bungai*
0900hrs-1700hrs. We are looking for some very creative and some interesting ideas around activities for children other than talks by Musa, Nazeri and Kumar. These has to be related to theme at hand : Fireflies and River Conservations, Waterbirds and Wetlands, Reefs and Marine Ecosystems. We welcome all input.

07th May : Community Outreach in Kpg Masjid, Kuala Baram*
0900hrs-1700hrs. We are looking for some very creative and some interesting ideas around activities for children other than talks by Musa, Nazeri and Kumar. These has to be related to theme at hand : Fireflies and River Conservations, Waterbirds and Wetlands, Reefs and Marine Ecosystems. We welcome all input.

14th May: WMBD : Birdwatching at Lambir Hills
Birdwatching in conjunction with World Migratory Bird Day.
0700-0900 hrs to meet at Lambir Hills National Park 0700hrs to birdwatch in Lambir.
0900-1200 hrs Talk and slideshow "Birdwatching in Sarawak" at Lambir Hills Conference.

15th May : Community Outreach in Kpg Kuala Sibuti, Sibuti*
0900hrs-1700hrs. We are looking for some very creative and some interesting ideas around activities for children other than talks by Musa, Nazeri and Kumar. These has to be related to theme at hand : Fireflies and River Conservations, Waterbirds and Wetlands, Reefs and Marine Ecosystems. We welcome all input.

21st May : WMBD : Community Outreach (Birdwatching) at Pustaka Miri
1300-1500 hrs Coloring and Drawing Contests, “Birds of Sarawak”
1500-1700 hrs Talk and Slidehow : WMBD : Birdwatching in Miri : Common Birds in Your Garden and Other Rare Birds Beyond”

25th May : WMBD and MY Garden Birdwatch with SMK Lutong Birdwatching Club
1500-1545 hrs “Birds in Sarawak : Common Birds in Sarawak and Rare Birds Beyond”
1545-1630 hrs MY Garden Birdwatch on Schoolgrounds

28th May : MY Garden Birdwatch at KRP
0700-0900 hrs Birdwatching around KRP compound for common birds
0900-1100 hrs Talk and slideshow, "MY Common Garden Birds"
Brunch and refreshments will be served

Discussions initiated for a "Birdwatching on Campus" at Curtin University 1600-1900hrs. A slideshow "Birds in Sarawak" and a late afternoon birding around campus.

18th June : MY Garden Birdwatch with students in Bekenu++
We will be birdwatching with 45 students from 3 schools in Bekenu in conjunction with WMBD and MY Garden Birdwatch. There'll be a talk and slideshow, "Birdwatching in Miri : Common Garden Birds in Your Garden and Other Rare Birds Beyond".

*Tentative program for Community Outreach 23rd, 30th April; 07th and 15th May:
0900 hrs Arrival of Students
0900-0930 hrs Registration starts
(assign 10 groups, 2 teachers per group, 1 MNS or facilitator, for games)
0930-1000 hrs Ice-breaking Games
1000-1030 hrs Introduction Slideshow (MNS/Other)
1030-1115 hrs Congregating Firefly Zone Talk and Slideshow
1115-1200 hrs Firefly Games
1200-1300 hrs Buffet Lunch 1200-1300hrs
1300-1345 hrs Waterbirds and Wetlands Habitats Talk and Slideshow
1345-1415 hrs Bird-related Outdoor Activity or Micro bird-race)
1415-1500 hrs Our Coralreef Presentations)
1500-1545 hrs Reefcheck Games or Group Activity
1545-1600 hrs Tea-break
1600-1700 hrs Certificates and Prizes,

++Tentative program for Community Outreach 18th June in Bungai:
0700 hrs Start Program at SK Kpg Bungai
0700-0730 hrs Short Briefing and break into groups (10 students per group, with 1-2 MNS
birders per group, teachers)
Walk towards Peliau Beach (Group1) Peliau Cliff (Group2); Bungai (Group 3);
Gatas (Group 4)
0730-1000 hrs Birdwatch at Peliau Beach (Scope1) , Peliau Cliff (Scope 2), Bungai and
Gatas (Scope 3)
1000-1100 hrs Walk Back to SK Bungai for dinks and refreshments
1100-1200 hrs A few words from HM of from participating schools.
Slideshow on "Common Birds in MY Garden" by MNS Miri
Presentation of posters and fieldguide to participating schools, sponsored by
MNS. Award certificates and award of "Surprise Prize", sponsored by MNS.
1200 hrs Lunch
1300 hrs End Program

* Sarawak Waterbirds Survey related Community Outreach Program
++ MY Graden Birdwatch related program
World Migratory Bird Day related program


Community Outreach April and May:
We are on gear for a series of Community Outreach planned throughout April and May, check-out our events for April. We need warm bodies who enjoy a day with rambunctious kids and inquisitive villagers, please contact us to volunteer.

MY Garden Birdwatch
Keep your ears peaked for My Garden Birdwatch that will be running on the 4-5th June, there will be training sessions in May in conjunction with World Migratory Bird Day 2011. More details in the event listing.

MNS is an NGO solely driven by support and contribution from it’s members. Those who have submitted their dues a large thank you.

While we warmly welcome new members to the family:
Miriam Chacko
Satur Uttraphan
Kwan Toh Choong

We'd also like to take this opportunity to remind current members to renew their membership. Why not do it for the next 3 years? Your contribution helps us work together better towards achieving MNS vision.

Below are members whose membership has expired:
Alison Brown
Anne Malissa King
Anura Dason
Kamal Abdullah
Kong Lih Shan
Lee, Charlie
Rosie Anak Kasim
Sim Yuh Thin
SK. Kelapa Sawit No. 1
SK. Lepong Ajai
SK. Sg. Buri, Bakong
SK. Sg. Entulang
SK. Sg. Liam
Ting King King
Wouter Rensink

Members who have just recently renewed their membership, "We thank you for your support!":
Lee Bor Seng
Gianna Minton
Wong Ching Tai
Azeeza Bujang
Puteri Shariza Megat Khalid
Nurashikin Ikhwan
Ting Sze Ying, Claudia
Nooriza Mohd Noor

Members whose membership will expire end of April, we urge you to renew your membership now. Your continued membership ensures our sustained effort to achieve our Mission within our immediate community:
Ahmad Bin Samsuddin
Anis Azmani Bin Azman
Fatin Hamimi Binti Azhar
Johan Iskandar Mohd Nasir
Khairul Amer
Muhammad Jumasri b. Mohd Tanizzi
Nurazura Bte. Abd Hamid
SMK Merbau, Miri
Sofina Tan

Do read up on more of our activities’ through our blog and Facebook. Maybe even join us one of these days in our activities.

Please email us for comments, input, feedback : mnsmiri at yahoo dot com.

Kind Regards,
Anura Dason,
MNS Miri Branch

Links :
MNS Main:
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Useful Acronyms:
MNS – Malaysian Nature Society
MNS BCC-WG – MNS Bird Conservation Council –Waterbird Group
AWC – Asian Waterbirds Census
SWS -Sarawak Waterbird Survey (short for Waterbirds and Wetland Habitats Survey for the Sarawak Coast Project)
CFZ – Congregating Fireflies Zone

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