Tuesday, March 29, 2011

2nd MNS Congregating Firefly Zone Survey and Monitoring Workshop at Similajau National Park, 26-27th March 2011

Mr Sonny Wong, Senior Conservation Officer, Malaysian Nature Society Conservation Division showing the different Coleoptera (Beetles) Order; fireflies belong to the Lampyridae family.

Dr Mahadi Menakbar Dawood, Entomologist, ITBC University Sabah Malaysia compounding on Firefly SWOT analysis at the workshop.

MNS Conservation Division and MNS Miri Branch have successfully conducted the 2nd MNS CFZ Surveying and Monitoring Workshop, 26-27th March 2011 at Similajau National Park with the cooperation of Sarawak Forestry Corporation Bintulu and Miri Regional Offices. SFC have generously sponsored the use of the venue at Similajau National Park and associated facilities for the workshop.

Participants came from members of MNS Miri, MNS Kuching, MNS Sabah, Nature and Science Society of Bintulu, Sarawak Forestry Corporation Bintulu and Miri Regional Offices as well as Similajau National Park staff.

We secured the following main resources for the workshop:

Sonny Wong, Senior Conservation Officer, MNS Conservation Division, MNS HQ, KL

Dr Mahadi MEnakbar Dawood, Entomologist, Institute of Tropical Biodiversity and Conservation, University Malaysia Sabah, Kota Kinabalu.

Musa Musbah and Nazeri Abghani, CFZNSS 2010 Team, MNS Miri Branch Miri

The objective of the workshop was for participants to learn the basics of fireflies, current methodologies and techniques for firefly survey and monitoring. The workshop took the opportunity to share collective experiences and enthusiasm to date on firefly work in Malaysia and abroad.

Participants conducted a CFZ field survey of Sg Similajau, the northern boundary of Similajau National Park.

At the conclusion of the workshop, participants had good exposure to firefly conservation initiatives in Malaysia and overseas, gained better understanding of key firefly survey and monitoring techniques as well as spent considerable time exploring concreate ideas and steps to furthers improve the collective work in CFZ. More advocacy for firefly conservation work are expected.

It is our fervent hope that the even will spur more activities in firefly surveys and monitoring work in Sarawak and Sabah in general.

Participants in one of the two boats engaged to survey fireflies along Sg Similajau, the northern boundary of Similajau National Park. Another 6 parrticipants survey the right side of the river. Some participants remained at the park to hunt for firefly larvae. Image by Musa Musbah.

Checking out specimens during one of the workshop modules. Aided by a microscope attached to the laptop, participants see up close the bodily structure of the tiny firefly.

Participants getting excited about the occurence of P. bearni, P. malaccae and P. tener along Sg Similajau.

The workshop organisers would like to thank our resources Sonny Wong, Dr Mahadi Menakbar Dawood, Musa Musbah, Nazeri Abghani and our workshop participants for a well spent weekend. Special thanks go to Abang Arabi Imran and Mohd Jirin Anis, Regional Manager, SFC Regional Offices Miri and Bintulu respectively for their support for the workshop. Last but not least many thanks go to Anne Malissa, PIC, Similajau National Park and her helpful staff for assistance rendered to make the workshop run as smooth as it had.

Words and Images by Nazeri Abghani/MNS Miri unless specified otherwise.

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