Sunday, September 26, 2010

Election Results from the 63rd MNS AGM, Gunung Ledang Resort, Johor

70 years of MNS, the 63rd AGM was the only the second AGM where a new President was elected and duly installed.

These are the results of the 63rd MNS AGM at Taman Rimba Lagenda Ledang, which
ended around 1950 hours yesterday , 25 Sept 2010 (votes garnered in brackets):

1) President:
Tan Sri Salleh (239)
Dr Maketab Mohamed (333)

2) Vice Presidents:
Dato' Prof Dr Zaini Ujang (208)
Jeffrey Phang (465)
Kalaimani (410)

3) Council Members:
Harban Singh (516)
Kanitha (505)
Catherine Yule (497)
SM Muthu (418),
Prof Ahmad Ismail (413)
Datin Nazriyah (336)
Henry Goh (309)
Omar Kadir (299)

"Congratulations to the new Council members and thanks to the outgoing Council

Thanks to all MNS members who participated in the voting process
either by postal voting or in situ voting.

Let us now close ranks and forget our differences and work together for the betterment of Mother Nature and the Environment", our new President's message to all MNS members.

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