Sunday, April 25, 2010

Transforming Kuala Baram Peatswamp

The ubiquitous Kuala Baram peatswamp fire, quiet, smoldering and nasty.

The area where we held our first outdoor birdwatching outing with Glenda Noramly way back in 1998 doesn't look like anything it did many year ago.

A neat-looking tract by the roadside.

The few remaining tall dead trees left standing, for now.

A tract just past the ASEAN Bridge, what was a boggy tract now transormed complete with neat, well laid out drainage networks.

WMD ... Weapons of Mass Destruction or clearing the Way for Mass Development depending on who you speak to.

Massive tracts of Kuala Baram peatswamps are undergoing rapid transformation the fast few years, more are underway from what can be observed from a short drive around the area recently.

From what can be surmissed on the ground:
-new networks of roads and highways are feverishly underway
-new residential and commercial hub dubbed "knowledge city" centered around Curtin University
-reclaimed peaty swamps for new residential areas
-drainage networks for what looks to be new plantations in addition to the existing network of already producing agricultural plots
-oil palm plantations

From Pujut 7 Bridge onwards all the way towards the Kuala Baram industrial area spanning across the ASEAN Bridge towards Kampung Masjid, the recent hive of activies by several major local companies foretell some very drastic changes in the landscape of the old "wasteland" Kuala Baram.

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