Friday, August 7, 2009

Pulau Talang Besar's Sojourn with Turtles and Salco

SALCO (CMS-Rio Tinto) sponsored several people each from Salco and MNS to participate in SFC’s Turtle Islands package from 3-6th August 2009. This maiden group consisted of Ryan Ng, Michael Scotton and Julia Chua from Salco; Ting King King, Aidil Adnan and Nazeri Abghani from MNS Miri. It's unfortunate that no representation came out of Similajau National Park, perhaps on another trip.

Further details on the actual program can be found here:

Participants from MNS Miri members were chosen from a pool of volunteer members who have agreed in advance to be a part of any future turtle monitoring programme in the Similajau National Park if and when initiated by Salco in due course.

Thus was the impetus of our 4D/3N sojourn on Pulau Talang Besar.

Pulau Talang-Satang National Park staff , participants of Sea Turtle Adoption Program and Ambrose guide from Masama Tours posing in front of the park's sign board. We were told by Tony Ganyai, SFC Park PIC that this is the thing to do for all visitors.

The entire crew of the 4d/3n Sea Turtle Adoption program. Most of the park staff are fromPulau Talang Besar and two from Pulau Talang Kecil. During off season, there'll be 3 permanent staff for both islands.

Participants from the recent Sea Turtle Adoption program (from left : Ryan Ng-Salco, Michael Scotton-Rio Tinto, Ting King King-MNS Miri, Tony Ganyai-SFC, Aidil Adnan- MNS Miri, Julia Chua- Salco and Nazeri Abghani-MNS Miri) posing with the template for their respective adopted turtles and nests. Six mother turtles and six nests were adopted courtesy of SALCO. Picture courtesy of Ryan Ng, Salco.

A lone mother turtle leaving the island after depositing her brood on the island. Picture courtesy of Ryan Ng, Salco.

More stories and pictures from SFC's Sea Adoption Program in our next installment.

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