Monday, February 2, 2009

Checking out wader roosting sites in Kuala Baram

In Miri, Kuala Baram area is perhaps the only place that holds the largest number of waders during the autumn and spring migration season.

Species range from the more common Lesser and Greater Sand Plover, Kentish Plover to the less common ones such as the Red Knot, Common Greenshank, Sanderling and the like. Over the past year we've also confirmed Malaysian Plover as being regular fixtures at the sandy beaches in the area.

Although their numbers are not comparable to what wader watchers have seen in Kapar Ash Pond near Kuala Selangor or even Buntal Bay in Kuching, Kuala Baram is important none the less as stopping points for the migrating waders on their way south during autumn migraton season, and during their spring return north.

In Miri, Kuala Baram is perhaps the only large expanse of mudflats in existence since the development of the Miri River estuary.

MNS Miri is planning a 2D/1N camping trip to Kuala Baram Island (14/15.02) and Kuala Baram Lagoon Sandspit (dates to be determined) to checkout potential of these two places being used as roosting waders during high tides.

Any data collected about these waders during these trips are important data for Miri. Due to lack of information on their presence, any data collected during these trips would be beneficial in understanding movements of waders during migration season in our area. Provide better undertanding of impacts of coastal development as such.

Keen to learn more? Email and participate in these activities. Learn more about waders at the same time. At the very worst, witness spectacular sunsets from locations not many has even been to before.

What better way to spend Valentine's Day?

Grey-tailed Tattler by Nazeri Abghani in Kuala Baram at lunchtime.

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