Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dolphin Saturday at Pustaka Miri 07th Feb 2009

We have dolphins in Miri? You are kidding me, no I am not!

How do you indentify individual dolphins in a pod like this?

Come join us in an engagement session with Miri's schoolchildren on the subject of dolphins. We'll have Dr Gianna Minton talk about her favorite subject and share her latest research and findings on Sarawak dolphins.

The Sarawak Dolphin Project is a collaborative effort between Sarawak Shell, Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) and the Sarawak Forestry Corporation (SFC). UNIMAS has appointed Dr Gianna Minton as the project leader. Gianna spent 8 years in Oman studying whales and dolphins. Her PhD focused on the ecology and conservation of humpback whales in the Arabian Sea.

Project's aims are to collect baseline data on the seasonal distribution, habitat use and population of dolphins in Sarawak. The geographic focus of the project is Kuching and Miri.

Your questions "Really, there're dolphins in Miri?", "Where do they sleep?", "How many species of dolphins are there in our waters?" and others will be answered.

There'll be a coloring/drawing contest for children with attractive prizes for top three in the coloring segment (Primary 1-3) as well as free-style segment (Primary 4-6).

Timetable of Events:
1200-1300Registration for Coloring/Drawing Competition
1300-1430Coloring Contest Age Group 1 (ages 7-9 years old)
1300-1430Drawing Contest Ages Group 2 (ages 10-12 years old)
1445-1615Talk on Dolphins by Dr Gianna Minton (open to the public)
1615-1700Prize giving

Participation for both Groups is limited to a maximum of 30 participants per age group, on a first come first serve basis. Admission is free.

For the contest, MNS Miri will provide drawing blocks and templates to be coloured, these will be on A3 paper.

Participants are expected to bring their own colouring and drawing tools. MNS Miri will provide tables and newspapers for those participating in the drawing segment.

Top three from both Age Groups get 1xyear subscription to Malaysian Nature Society Family Membership, worth $120/year. They will receive quarterly glossy magazine, Malaysian Naturalist, complimentary monthly newsletter Pencinta Alam as well as regular updates on news and activities from MNS Miri Branch.

Other than the one year MNS Family Membership, "Rainbow Fish" and "Fishes, Crayfishes and Crabs" are the amongst the other prizes up for grab for the top winners.

A token consolation prizes will be awarded to all participants by Pustaka Miri. Consolation prizes awaits all participants.Judges will be from a panel of Pustaka Miri, MNS Miri and Project Dolphin. Decision of judges on the day are final.

Places are limited, so please do register early.

Please call 085-453185/085-452585/085-454711 or 016-8542212 or email for more information.

Contact us for further information and pre-registration @ 085-422525 (Andy Anyie—Talk & Slide Presentation / Awang Yunos—Coloring & Drawing Contest, at Pustaka Miri).

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